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WTF? Google is starting to threat non-android OSes?

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  • WTF? Google is starting to threat non-android OSes?

    "TAIPEI -(Dow Jones)- Taiwanese PC maker Acer Inc., (2353.TW) which had planned to unveil a smartphone Thursday using software from Chinese Internet firm Alibaba Group, said it is cancelling a press conference to launch the device after its existing partner, Google Inc. (GOOG), expressed concerns about the smartphone.


    Alibaba said that Acer "was notified by Google that if the product runs Aliyun OS, Google will terminate its Android- related cooperation and other technology licensing with our partner....We regret Google's action."

    A Google spokesman declined to comment."

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    No surprise to me.

    "Don't be evil"
    HAH! (blackmailing isn't evil, right?)

    Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft are basically the same - profit and power over morale (like all other corporations).
    You might want to consider reading Google's privacy policy, they never had any morale to begin with .


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      German version of the article.

      User "habehandy" in the forum under the link above, also proposes that this *act* is actually viral.
      Now, people got to know about Aliyun OS, even in *difficult* time of apple 5 presentation.

      I think this idea has some value..
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        What's a matter?

        Are we not giving you everything for free?

        A email a youtubes a docs an OS

        ALL FOR YOU

        ALL FOR FREE

        apple wants your money ... all your money

        all we want is your soul ... it's not like you are using it anyways