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Linux Kernel Whackos: Drop Everything But ARM

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    Hey guys lets not feed the trolls, just laugh at the tin-hat whackos as they are just looking for ANYONE to believe them.


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      Originally posted by Alliancemd View Post
      The site is not shitty but this article and the like are made from pure Michael greediness.
      Michael dosent get anything from the article if you dont click on it
      and the title should tell you if you are the person that wants to read it

      "Linux Kernel Whackos: Drop Everything But ARM" should tell you really everything, its not obscured in any way

      there are other tricks he uses to get an extra penny, but i forgive him since i get a lot of technical information from articles and forums

      what is... ironic i guess is that people blame good sites and use and praise evil sites(google is more evil then you know)


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        I am always amazed at the type of discussions taking place on the forum of this site that (generally) attempts to promote open source, gaming, and the latest developments in the Linux world.

        Some of you seriously need to grow up and learn some respect.

        I guess articles like this ARE good for something; refreshing the list of candidates for the 'Ignore' feature and identifying the latest batch of Phoronix trolls.


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          I'm disappointed in asdx

          He's not even trying. Anyone can just spew a bunch of obscenities together, it doesn't take any effort at all.

          He should try learning from Qaridarium, a.k.a. necro-lover now. That guy could troll.


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            Originally posted by asdx
            What a bunch of whiners.
            Indistinguishable from yourself.


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              Originally posted by asdx
              But at least my complaints are mostly constructive criticisms if I'm not trolling, I don't whine just for whining. There's no point with that.
              Yes, we can all see you're very constructive...

              Originally posted by asdx
              Fuck you asshole, you are the cunt. Go kill yourself. Asshole.
              Originally posted by asdx
              STFU crybaby.


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                Originally posted by DanL View Post
                4chan-style image
                You really miss the point because its not 4chan style its a picture of the brainwashing process in the film "A clockwork orange"

                The people become aggressive against Michael and other users and turn into users with ultra violence behaviour because of the article like the crew in the film after drinking milk with synthetic drugs in the korova-milk-bar.

                Maybe you get the joke if you watch the film.


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                  PLS drop the L in Linux

                  i-nux today is so much cool


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                    Originally posted by asdx
                    Say hi to me.

                    I'm watching you, Nvidia.

                    Finally one who do understand my intention.

                    Sad fact that some people need a handbook a explanation about black humour and Art.


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                      The users of this forum are a good micro sample of the linux community...

                      That's why linux it's just forks, personal wars, bitterness, uncooperation and not working drivers.

                      I'm suprised the thing even boots at all .. but given the choices of window/mac os and linux, it's like having to choose diahrrea, infected feces and a fossilized turd.

                      Just wait until I have one of those odroidx's or a a15minipc, I will be running jelly bean while you fuckers will be fapping away because steam just released pac man on linux... lol

                      I seriously believe wintel has missed the boat, windows 8 will fail in an uber way and intel will run around like a derpy chicken.

                      arm and android are the future, you go to a store here and you see a bunch of fancy 1.500 euros ultrabooks all lined up and shit but no one cares...

                      You know what all the kids, teenage girls, french tourists, etc go to see?

                      The tablets, the transformer pads, the hybrids.... this is the exact quote from a girl that was messing around with a asus transformer pad " I'm in love with this thing "

                      microsoft and intel will now have sex to impregnate each other so they can give birth to some abortion like the windows 8 tablet but it will be a still birth.

                      I know linux community is a clusterfuck of sexually repressed nerds that can't work well together even if their own lifes depended on it


                      this guy was no troll, if you shift the development resources of the community into arm development you are going to see a bright future

                      The year of the linux desktop will never come, forget it, it's dead.

                      The year of the linux embebded device/minipc/board it's there if you want it.

                      And longsoon might be better, but it's ARM that has all the developers, all the love, etc..

                      I can buy a arm board tomorrow for 30 euros, show me where I can do the same with longsoon.