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Microsoft is trying to replace Linux-based government OS in Russia

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    thatguy is obviously a troll with 0 knowledge of OS or programming i even doubt he is an engineer in computer science, why i say so?
    cuz no engineer or professional whines about crap he don't understand without providing any sort of proof!!!, after all this crap you still haven't even said which problem you have/distro/application/etc, so ofc what the F do you expect.

    so you don't post a real issue, you never provide technical responses just stupid rants, your post public like a billboard that you are some average joe butthurted with linux for some reason (that you don't provide btw), linux suck posts in a technical forum about linux(very original btw i bet you are the first) is the by the book definition of TROLL, so is not the community been harsh is you.

    if you are trully interested in learn then literate yourself a bit more and find more consumer focused forums first then when you have a better understanding come back.

    my last post to you i don't like to feed trolls


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      Originally posted by Prince781 View Post
      First, let me start off by saying that, through your lack of presentable facts and hastened, disorganized conclusions, I can reasonably say that it seems apparent as if I am conversing with a child on this subject matter. The absurdity of your conclusions and the audacity of your arguments, substantiated by nothing more than mere propagandistic and uncertain theories, continually portray a sentiment based on little knowledge or foresight, and were this analytical approach taken to political discussion, I assure you that you would most likely be labeled as a conspiracy theorist.
      Labels are animal thing.
      Also, there is nothing reasonable behind your assumptions, because you lack facts. Trying to use complex word constructions to express simple things signals lack of wisdom, child.

      Originally posted by Prince781 View Post
      Perhaps you'd benefit from understanding the difference between an assumption and a fact. Nevertheless, I guess I'll still be taking my time to respond to your ridiculous rantings...
      Fact is a change perceived externally, while assumption is originating within. Both are subjective.

      Originally posted by Prince781 View Post
      Nevertheless, I guess I'll still be taking my time to respond to your ridiculous rantings...
      Sure, but don't expect me to pay you, majesty.

      Originally posted by Prince781 View Post
      Actually, no; that's not quite enough. Microsoft and Nokia both agreed to a mutual business partnership. That's a corporation-to-corporation pact, and is in no way related to what you're asserting as a corporation-to-government bribery. In addition, just simply pointing to an unrelated event such as the agreement between Microsoft and Nokia, and then using that to justify your position here (in which Microsoft has "bribed" the Russian government) is, once again, making assumptions. I repeat, you have failed thus far to provide me with any source of Microsoft's financial, corporate, or social involvement with the Russian government, whatsoever. It's highly unnecessary to reference to extraneous occurrences, unless you have the intended purpose of directing attention away from the flaws in your premises.
      Elop was high-ranked MS employee. MS completely slept off the smartphone rise. First, they need a stable manufacturer and patent field - granted they have collected large amount of $$$ via their monopoly, they have large selection. Second, they need someone who has added value.
      Third, if they ignore, they stay on pretty much dead platform (dead essentially only because of their own console effort)

      Nokia was supporting Qt AND developing Unix-based OS (in addition to Symbian). It is also well established mobile brand (Pavlovs stereotyped labels ding-ding).

      So MS takes three hits with one.

      I don't think I need to explain the connection between minister walking towards MS stand on Expo and his burning desire to abort million-weight project instantly afterwards. Note, that was not his million.

      Originally posted by Prince781 View Post
      I repeat, you have failed thus far to provide me with any source of Microsoft's financial, corporate, or social involvement with the Russian government, whatsoever.
      Yes, this current absence of facts is pretty good. But if you want me to get more private details from chief minister,.. I'm of wrong gender. Perhaps, you try?

      Originally posted by Prince781 View Post
      Okay, and just because he's for Microsoft and against a specific Linux distribution, that makes him "corrupt?"
      He is against FOSS technology within the governmental level AND for utilization of proprietary technology of uncontrollable country. You don't need to e-walk further than to Iran to understand the effects.
      Also, utilization of open technology - we are not talking about kernel, but also about toolkits, desktop & programming environments, ecosystem - will enlarge both development and market segment of the environiment.
      Additionally, the decision was already carried on, he is up to aborting it using his position.

      Originally posted by Prince781 View Post
      I don't care if it's already in development.
      Ah, lol, another troll.
      Cmmon, join forces with thatguy. MS Troll Force, division Phoronix, the internets.

      Originally posted by Prince781 View Post
      What makes you think you know so much about the Russian government's specific situation here?
      You don't need to be expert to spot greed.

      Originally posted by Prince781 View Post
      Is every government official who chooses something by Microsoft over a Linux solution considered an effect of "bribery" and "corruption,"
      Yes. Except it jurisdictionally surrenders to the laws of the government, which hosts the company in question.
      For example, if MS software is deployed in Europe, it will have less abuse potential than if its deployed in independent-to-US country.
      Operating system provides both low-level functionality to all processes (applications) as well as dictates the system design.

      Closed source system, which is not controllable per law, is a distrusted system. I can lie to you and run away.

      Originally posted by Prince781 View Post
      simply because they made a decision you were unhappy about?
      That is rather a small and unimportant part, but I'm happy that the decision was not made.
      On the contrary, you seem to be rather unhappy. Please think again my offer to create Join MS Troll Forces. Maybe you will be offered a position of Trolltenant...

      Originally posted by Prince781 View Post
      Are you unaware of the possibility of the solution presented by Microsoft, for their specific scenario, being better than whatever Linux solution they had originally? Until you bring further information about this, your claims are all part of a series of overreaching speculation.
      Well, I'm pretty sure you shouldn't be trusting a closed source computer you can't throw out of the window. WOZ knows more about it.
      You sure can't throw a server farm out of the window ad-hoc. No speculations here.

      Originally posted by Prince781 View Post
      Once again, another baseless claim. I question how you're so "knowledgable" about what the Russian government's opinion is on Windows. Do you work for them?
      No, I use google comrad.

      Originally posted by Prince781 View Post
      So, I take it that if a minister isn't resigning in protest to corruption, the only other possibility must be "for fun." -__-
      In America, not in Russia. Sorry.

      Originally posted by Prince781 View Post
      For your sake, I hope you adopt a more broad perspective in your outlook on politics.
      I have one and its easy to sum up in six words - politics are as inevitable, as dirty.

      Originally posted by Prince781 View Post
      It's highly probably that the minister simply resigned in protest to only the adoption of a Microsoft solution over a Linux one, on a technologically-ideological basis (and not a belief in corruption). In fact, if you reread part of the article... can see that he's more concerned about the ability for Russian programmers to benefit from a Russian-made operating system. It doesn't seem like he's concerned with the fact that it's just something by Microsoft, and he even lumps Google and other "tech giants" in there, too.
      He is a patriot, the other one is greedy.
      Patriotism is good, so long it stays within country limits, its prioritizing the community. On the other hand, greed is one of purest forms of ego.
      Also, that's about staff, not programmers on broad range of meaning.

      Originally posted by Prince781 View Post
      Again, I've defined here what it means to have baseless claims. You have yet to provide me with a source, and until then, you have no right to assert your claims as "proof."
      Hrhrhr, politics are NOT science (by other definition, not precise science). You can't find any reliable source in politics, except for what's already happened. Even then, you can't draw explicit conclusions, only use modus ponens. If you want authentic verification of facts, call him.

      Originally posted by Prince781 View Post
      Despite this not being to my response, I must note how terribly childish it is. For you to even reference to such a far-reaching video makes me begin to doubt if you're even worthy of a discussion. I'm sure there are numerous offensive symbols one could make with a distortion of the Tux mascot as well. Let me know when you've matured in thought. Until then, reason seems to be a hopelessly remedial trial with you...
      Yeah, try to find it.
      As for MS swastika, you just rotate it to 45 degree - no photoshopping involved. Ironically, it does not happen with normal windows (in apartments) so the logo from billion-heavy company is obviously done by intent or grave failure. Take your pick.
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