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What Are The Biggest Problems With Linux?

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  • Originally posted by daedaluz View Post
    2) Empowering user instead of power-user/developer is still utopia. Core problem is that entire system relies on sysadmin to be available at all times, and a sysadmin that knows what he is doing at that. That is because most of settings still need CLI. Bad sysadmin - like a kid - can way too easily destroy whole system. So you wanna install Flash on family computer to see funny videos but dad is on two month business trip to Uganda? Sorry kid, your dad's files are too important!
    Actually you don't, last time I checked you could install browser plugins by dropping them in ~/.mozilla/plugins/
    There's also a little thing called ssh.

    CLI is necessarily for scripting, and many settings do have wizards available.


    • Originally posted by cdobrich View Post
      You make a good point and perhaps your experience is different than mine, but from my perspective the breakage is minimal and easily mitigated by a dedicated distribution that is watchful of what it pushes out to its users.

      And if you ever complain about missing hardware drivers, try using a micro-kernel and you'll really understand what no harddrive support means. Great example is throwing Windows XP onto a computer and it doesn't support the network card because it only comes with 31-flavors of network drivers, and the one I've got doesn't exactly fit. It's almost never the case with Linux there. Sure, you might still miss hardware, but you'll have a whole heaping lot more with a monolithic kernel. Not to mention Micro-kernels can (but not necessarily) be inefficient.
      Microsoft just didn't have to care, they had a virtual monopoly, and the OEM's did the hard work for them. So long as a default install can boot to a desktop so the actual drivers can be installed it didn't/doesn't concern them. Usually the user doesn't have to go hunting for drivers.