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  • Hello there...

    Hi out there,

    since I'm new here I want to introduce myself. As you see, my name is liquidat and I am a Linux user and somewhat a Linux enthusiast.

    My favourite topics are KDE and everything related to that, but I do also look forward to seeing RandR 1.2 settled and well integrated into the Linux distribution landscape (and RandR 1.2 things is the reason why I am here).

    Since this is a hardware forum, my main machine is a Laptop with a 1,8 GHz Centrino (old style, no dual core system yet) with 1 GB Ram and a 256 MB Ram Radeon 9600. And no, my system never stops air cooling with that graphic card, unfortunately.
    An external monitor will be mine in some days (therefore the RandR 1.2), but that's it already.

    Ah, and like everyone else today I have a blog, see the link below.
    (Speaking about Links: the welcome message has an error in the link to the site discussion, there is a space in front of the 6.)

    So far from me, happy reading.

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    What's up.. welcome to the forums.


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      welcome liquidat - your blog is one of the more interesting ones out there (along with all the open source radeon guys and compiz fusion guys)


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        Thanks, I do what I can.