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ReiserFS Author Accused of Murder

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  • ReiserFS Author Accused of Murder

    Hans Reiser (yes, author of ReiserFS) has been arrested as allegedly murdering his wife. His wife has apparently been missing for some time.

    For more information:

    Hans Reiser, 42, was taken into custody at 11 a.m., hours after Oakland police and FBI technicians searched his home in the Oakland hills. His estranged wife, Nina Reiser, 31, has been missing since Sept. 3, when she dropped off the couple's son and daughter at his home on the 6900 block of Exeter Drive.
    Many readers wrote about the arrest today of Hans Reiser, author of ReiserFS, by Oakland, CA police on suspicion of murdering his estranged wife. From the San Francisco Chronicle: "Hans Reiser, 42, was taken into custody at 11 a.m., hours after Oakland police and FBI technicians searched his home in...

    "While the disappearance (and possible murder) of his wife is tragic, Linux users will wonder where this will leave Reiser 4. If Reiser is found guilty, will Novell or IBM pick up the pieces and finish up Reiser 4 for inclusion in the kernel or is this the end of the Reiser filesystem project? Will there be any future for the Reiser filesystem, and if Hans is found guilty and the project is continued, will the project be renamed to avoid notoriety?"

    Help Find Nina Reiser
    Michael Larabel

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    Yes, this has been brewing for some time. I'm just really sad for Nina, hopefully she's still alive somewhere.


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      Yeah, very sad situation


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        In the same vein, Drokin adds. "The effect on Reiser4 should not be all that bad. [Of] the people who are still working on it, many are very devoted to it and do not plan to drop their work until Reiser4 is actually merged into the vanilla kernel."
        Reiser filesystem development to continue

        Michael Larabel


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          TBH right now I don't really care about the development of that FS. We've got ext4 coming, XFS is great, so is ZFS, and that's more than enough to satisfy people's needs.


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            As far as I know, the only people to really care about Reiser was Novell, and they have announced they are switching to ext.


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              The sad situation with James Kim being found dead had reminded me of the Hans Reiser situation. Below are a few newer articles I had found.

              Hans Reiser's attorney Bill Dubois said Tuesday he hasn't seen all the evidence in the case and just learned prosecutors have potentially damaging tape recorded statements.

              The Contra Costa County sheriff's search and rescue team searched for the body of 31-year-old Nina Reiser in a hilly area near Oakland on Saturday but wasn't able to find her, sheriff's spokesman Jimmy Lee said today.

              Hans Reiser, 43, pleaded not guilty in Alameda County Superior Court in Oakland today to charges that he murdered his wife, 32-year-old Nina Reiser, and asked for a speedy preliminary hearing in his case.
              Michael Larabel


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                Hans to sell company --
                Michael Larabel


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                  Another Update....

                  It's now been revealed that DNA evidence is linking Hans to his wife's murder...

                  The defense lawyer for Oakland computer programmer Hans Reiser tried to raise doubts today about DNA evidence that prosecutors believe connects him to the death of his wife Nina Reiser, who was last seen alive Sept. 3.

                  In the fifth day of a preliminary hearing that will determine whether Hans Reiser should stand trial on murder charges, defense attorney William DuBois questioned Oakland police DNA expert Shannon Cavness at length about the reliability of the DNA evidence in the case.

                  Under questioning by prosecutor Greg Dolge on Wednesday, Cavness testified that blood on a pillar at Hans Reiser's home and blood on a sleeping bag stuff sack found in his car almost certainly is that of Nina Reiser.
                  Michael Larabel


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                    To think that anyone would do anything to Nina just makes me sick! Whoever the fool is that (probably) killed her, he better watch his back, 'cause I'm pretty confident that soon, death will be his only friend...