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Report: North Korea Conducts Nuke Test

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  • Report: North Korea Conducts Nuke Test

    For sparking up some additional discussion in the general forum... The associated press is now reporting that North Korea may have just conducted its first nuclear weapon test.

    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- South Korean government officials said North Korea performed its first-ever nuclear weapons test Monday, the South's Yonhap news agency reported.

    More is going on listening to the Drudge Report ( right now.

    What is everyone's thoughts on this situation?
    Michael Larabel

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    Doesn't surprise me the least. It's only a matter of time now before Iran/North Korea smuggle a nuclear bomb into a Western country and blow it up.


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      It's very bad news indeed.

      If North Korea thinks that having a nuclear weapon will keep the U.S. away if they decide to invade South Korea.. then the whole reagon is screwed.

      You have China on N. Korea's side; using them like a political football to just plain mess with U.S. foreign policy, while at the same time having their own forces posed for a violent military take over of Taiwan again with the U.S. military the only thing preventing that from happenning.

      Then you have the ongoing hatred between Japan and China from WW2.. Japan doing things to Chinese people that made the Jewish holocause look like a unfortunately misunderstanding. (wiping out villages for sex slaves, biological warefare for depopulation purposes, medical experimentation, intentional starvation of entire reagons, torture, chemical weapons, and lots of happy fun time stuff like that)

      Now we have both Japan and China with nuclear weapons with insano N.Korea between both of them hapily shooting 'test' rockets over Japan and into the pacific ocean, which now just happens to have nukes of themselves.

      Then as icing on the cake you have the 'muslim extremists' operating in that general reagon. For instance being responsable for several bombings of nightclubs etc etc.

      A whole bunch of fun. The situation is f----d.


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        That's exactly how it is, drag. Frankly, I wonder how this messed up world will be like, even 20 years from now, if my own children by then will be able to walk safely on this planet or not. Over here in the Caribbean we have Chavez breathing down our neck, just waiting for the right opportunity to strike...we're nothing but sitting ducks right now, defenseless as usual.

        People can say what they want, but I support the U.S. and what it deems right for the rest of us. Letting some whacko like that Mohjinanaina or whatever the hell he's called in Iran take control of this world is asking for serious trouble. May God spare us all from their tyranny.


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          Speaking of Chavez...


          Now only if he would talk about how Microsoft smells of sulfur... His views on Linux and software seem to be the only good coming out of his administration.
          Michael Larabel


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            I was listenning to the BBC on NPR and they interviewed this guy who was a ex-North Korean national. He is a journalist now and was one of the hundreds of thousands of people thrown in prison and beaten for several years before he made it out of the coutnry.

            He was asked about his opinion of how the N. Korean people are reacting to the idea that they now had Nuclear weapons. He said that it probably doesn't make a difference since the government has been telling them they have had nuclear weapons for many years. It's part of the standard propaganda program. Also he said that nobody cares what the government says as it has very little impact on their day to day lives.

            The way he figured it is that the government regime is currently in meltdown mode. Now the people are now literally starving to death, instead of just the normal starving they are used to. Right now it doesn't affect the elites that run the country but eventually with the new sanctions that they are going to have put on their country the elite are going to start running out of stuff also.

            He said that the atomic bomb is like Kim Jong's holy grail, or his personal version of the 'space race' or something like that. That Kim figured that if got to that point then he'd be able to turn things around for himself with a nuclear arsinal at his disposal.

            Seems to me he is ripe for political assination or military coop from his own country. He is a loony, but I would hate to see some insane general get his hands on nukes, or the country going into complete meltdown and the nukes 'disapear'.