Study found a link between Future success and the languages future handling

this means the German language is Future focused and german so not make a strong difference between here and now and future the german language is all about future.

for example: "morgen ist heute schon gestern" (this is a valid german sentence) this means germans talk about the here and now in the "Future" way of handling. morgen=tomorrow ist=is heute=today schon=allready gestern=yesterday this means the future is already the past.

all language with this handling do have this success link also Chinese and Korean

Of course this leads to something megalomania and Hitler's 1000 year plan of the future is one example about this way of thinking.

because of this many people can not understand German LAWs for example the EEG law they don't get it that the LAW is 40-50 years in the Future they calculate what is the cheapest and best in the future means in 50 or 100 or 1000 years.

and the people don't understand why the Germans pay high price in the past and in the here and now because they only care about the future.

Wind power for example calculate wind-power against coal on a 10 year plan sure coal is cheaper now calculate it on 20 years and 50 years and 1000 years now this is the Idea to beat the future.

Germans do not calculate in "10 years" plan because in Germany the future in 10 years is already the past and no german calculate in the past.