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Windows 8 push "Kill Switches_for_the_First_Time

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  • Windows 8 push "Kill Switches_for_the_First_Time

    Microsoft really pushes all shit into windows8.

    Windows8 is really the wet dream of Adolf Hitler.

    Next time a Adolf Hitler gets the power we are doomed because Windows pushes the citizens into the knife.
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    Actually it is nothing unexpected. They are trying hard to clone AppStore (apple, google, linux distros). Then they try to clone killswitch.

    I say, microsoft will be *rooted* yet again. Remember 10 TCP half-open limit?


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      Microsoft has had tons of ways of removing software it doesn't want you to have for years already.

      Notice how their "anti-malware" apps miss most of the malware but always manage to:

      Remove Windows activation hacks.

      Remove competing software. (Like Google Chrome)

      Does manage to fish out and falsely flag a lot of no-disc fixed EXEs for video games. (This has nothing to do with "piracy", some people simply don't like fishing out their DVD when the entire game is already on their hard drive, and some of the DRM malware removed from these mistakenly flags Wine as a debugger and causes the program to crash. Both are legitimate uses of a no-disc patch).

      With Windows NT 6.2 (Windows "8"), Microsoft probably won't even need to use their backdoor to uninstall YOUR software from YOUR computer (even though they can if they want), since without their approval, you won't find any apps in their store to begin with. Some people seem to like Apple's Orwellian and heavy handed app store policies. Now you'll get them for Vista.2 as well. Apple doesn't like competing web browsers, so it locks them out of their store. Watch what happens when Vista.2 starts those same policies. Maybe Microsoft decides that it is tired of getting its ass kicked by Firefox and Chrome and rejects them from its store for no stated reason other than "You already have a browser, IE!". This is what Apple does to cram Safari down peoples throats.