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90 000 German citizen on the Streets against ACTA/SOPA Europe for a free Internet

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  • 90 000 German citizen on the Streets against ACTA/SOPA Europe for a free Internet

    now after Poland and lettland Germany also stands up for the freedom in the internet.

    now they know the Europe citizen will not give up the free INTERNET without resistance.

    more images:
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    Originally posted by Qaridarium View Post

    LOL i liked this one


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      i translate it for you phoronix people:

      my friends Acta is a trading agreement (but)
      Acta are forced to us from the copyright-Hollywood mafia
      they build it behind closed doors without any control from the puplic
      and even lawyers can't read it and can't understand it.
      acta programming our mind and hole europe and the world to accept outdated hollywood mafia business
      this content mafia are only hurt the culture and the culture is there slave and they stole our culture.
      and they force us to see what they want and they force us to do what they want us to do.
      we the Grassroots have found the INTERNET in the beginning we make our own culture!
      and no one can stop the grassroots to do what we do in the internet!
      we have read acta and we have thinked what we can do against it!
      We the grassroots have writen something against it something in the other way.
      We want something saving our rights becaus of this we write: conttracta! (anti-acta)

      the new anti acta message:

      there is no censorship
      and there is no Telecommunications data retention
      all gov payed stuff(source,videos,books) must be free for everyone without payment.
      all countries must give all there culture free for every human.
      archives and museums must be digitalized and open sourced free to the INTERNET.

      the non commercial coping are valid and protected by law
      the positive effects of free informations are much bigger than the negativ effects.
      copyprotection and DRM musst be against the law it is invalid to do the law and order by technical force.
      everyone must break copyprotection and cracks are valid!
      all goverments must give the internet for everyone for free.
      no gov are allowed to protect there net from other parts of the web.
      informations should be free for all.
      the Gov should force the freedome of the internet against the companys.
      the gov should respect the freedom of the internet!
      a manipulation of the informations are not valid!
      network neutrality must be forced by law everyone do have the same rights in the internet!

      the patent time should be cutted down to a minimal time range.
      monopoles are against the law and patents from monopole companys are invalid!
      patents of ideas ,lifes ,mathematics ,business models, software are not valid!

      agreements of the gov must be open for all from start one.
      all groubs must have a voice if someone make a law.

      people hurry up we must defence out rights i love this place with all the nice people thank you"

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        10 000 people in berlin watch the internet people walk.
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          German Nazi Police fight against Anti-Acta citizens but they are toooo many in Frankfurt:

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              storm over europe. they just don't want George Orwell 1984

              a good video about the shit europe system:

              The peoples republic of Europe - Monopoly of violence
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