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Green Energy jumps to 20% in Germany and hit the cable network transfer maximum.

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    Originally posted by Panix View Post
    Maybe Finland will get a huge tidal wave or maybe there will be a nuclear accident or maybe they'll do just fine
    I'm fine with that point. and i hope the best for there future.

    Originally posted by Panix View Post
    But, most reports show how expensive and inefficient the green energy is so far in Germany and elsewhere.
    i don't care about this because the germans do have 10 trillions in CASH and the german gov only do have 2 trillions owe.
    And they want to spend 400 million euro on green energy this number just dosn't matter because its sooo little tiny no one care.
    only Little people with no money and no perspective care for this little peanut money stuff.
    The Germans are just Greater in there MIND money just don't care!

    the germans care more for this question: what is the technical best solution.

    and! efficiency don't care for green energy because you can get unlimited green energy and money don't care!

    but you are a small spirit in your mind because you are poor.

    the germans don't care for poor spirits like you.

    Originally posted by Panix View Post
    Regardless of the propaganda suggesting otherwise.
    there is no propaganda there are only 8 trillion euros in CASH.
    but what would you do with 8 trillion euros in hard CASH ?
    now they spend 400 million euro on green energy how cares?
    you are to stupid to get the REAL point the REAL point is they just try it out to check the Possibility in the practice.

    hey make a suggestion all 8 trillion euros to PANIX LOL! the germans will never spend a single euro on YOU!

    thats the REAL Point!

    Originally posted by Panix View Post
    Enjoy the increased energy output while Germans are content to pay the costs. It probably won't be subsidized indefinitely or people will discover ever increasing costs. Maybe not everyone will support it like you do. :-)
    the REAL FACT is the Germans are so Rich 8 trillion euro rich without any owe they give a fuck about you Little boy!

    you Little boy calculate wind energy over maybe 10 years but there are 500 year old wind mills.

    the Germans calculate stuff over 1000 years LIKE HITLER calculate it in the 3. empire back in 1933.

    oh yes wind energy only do have 1% or maybe 0.01% efficiency it just doesn't matter! they calculate it over 1000 of years!

    and no I'm not a Nazi just because i calculate stuff over 1000 years.

    you are just a poor little boy and you're offended that the German have more pocket money than you.
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