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Adblock Plus betraying its users with so-called Acceptable Ads

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    Originally posted by Kivada View Post
    You guys do realize someone will just fork the project right? That ABP is a fork of the original Adblock that was abandoned by it's creator at some point but worked throughout at least the 3.0 series as I had left it running by removing the version check long before by editing the .xpi.

    In the end I expect someone to already be working on a fork just as BeefTACO arose from the ashes of TACO when the creator sold out.

    Problem with Chrome is it's put out by Google and Google is no better then Apple, Microsoft or Oracle. They are a for profit company and are selling you on a noose to hang yourself.
    Yeah, I switched over to Chromium after someone went and kicked their PPAs again. a string of build failures had left them all behind.

    Chrome/Chromium 16 is needed for KDE file dialogs. Chrome/Chromium 17 is needed for the new content blocking API that Chrome Adblock can use. So it looks like I'm going to be on the Chromium Dev PPA at least until 17 finds its way into beta then stable. Maybe longer if something else I like happens to land.

    If someone forks Adblock Plus I may go back to Firefox, and may not. I have a hard time swallowing that we need to unblock Sedo and support a parking page parasite.