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Gladio a secret NAZI Terror oganization of the NATO,CIA,MI6,BND proven yet active.

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    a new Government "Gladio" link shows up

    "Prosecutor did destroy evidence"

    12 years ago the "Gladio" cell with the name "NSU" Bomb an iranian food store

    but this is not the mystery the real part is the Prosecutor because the Prosecutor try to clean wash it and try to destroy all links between NSU and Gladio and the Government.

    "the BKA check the old evidence from Cologne, they got a sobering answer: All the evidence objects had long been destroyed (lready on 23 January 2006 ) by order of the Cologne public prosecutor. A trace comparison with the DNA of suspected terrorists NSU is thus apparently no longer possible."

    but in becomes more perverse back in 9. Juni 2004 some strange Police metodes show up after a nail bomb explosion against a Turkish shop they start investigations and monitoring against the victims.

    "Gladio" only use the bomb against these people to have a justification to smuggled undercover agents in the Kurdish and Turkish scene of the Cologne district and to accelerate investigations and monitoring.

    this shows perfect how "Gladio" works just bomb your victim and after that act like an helping hand just to fight against them !

    and surprise surprise : "The result of clandestine operations, however, was equal to zero. The detectives found no evidence of a fact in light of the Turkish-Kurdish territorial disputes."

    because they never TRY to find the Gladio terrorists they only try to hurt the Victims !

    back in 2004 there was some conspiracy theories about a link between the bombs and the Gladio Government Terror organisation!

    and instructions were again suppressed

    "Even a local newspaper showed the Cologne police in the summer of 2006 indicate a striking consistency of the phantom images. But the tip went nowhere. "The answer came after a few minutes and was absolutely," said the "City Gazette". The Cologne police had indicated that the similarity is completely random, and there was no connection."

    this prove the Police know this already and just suppressed any link between the bomb terror and the Government. '
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      "Former Interior Minister Otto Schily (SPD) has admitted mistakes in the investigation against the extreme right-wing terrorist cell "National Socialist underground" (NSU)."

      ""Considering that we are the NSU-terrorist group does not come earlier on the track, and I bear the political responsibility of the Home Secretary states,""

      he just claimed that the bombing back in Juni 2004 in K?ln was not a terror act but he just lie.

      he lie because he protect "Gladio" and making fun of their own national civilians.
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        the government cheat "300,000 ? reward" against the only single critical load testify.
        the reward for only 1 murdering was 300 000? and the critical load testify don't get any cent.
        and the NSU/Gladio terrorists kill many more people.

        in my point of view they only don't pay out the reward to make sure a betrayer against german secret operations don't get a profit.

        "Man for critical NSU note is not rewarded"
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          "The prosecutor loses several lawsuits against anti-Nazi activists"
          "The prosecution of Nazi opponents, which should have blocked a march by right-wings turn into a embarrassment for the police and judiciary."

          the German Police and prosecutor are nazis because of this they try to hurt anti-nazi-activists but this time they fail!

          the police make cheated reports and the prosecutor misinterpreted it against the anti-nazi-activists but in court the Lie fall in pieces and the truth come to light the truth that the Police are nazis and the prosecutors supporting nazis and hunt left-anti-nazi activists.

          "The cost of just under two-year process will help the state treasury."

          this time the nazi Government lose the battle on the street and in court and maybe next time they lie better.
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            former Secretary of the Interior in germany G?nter Beckstein (CSU) disabled investigations against nazis:


            they found hand written notes to order the police officers not to go after the Nazis.

            he market the true source of violence as conspiracy theories.

            in fact G?nter Beckstein is a nazi and the CSU is a ultra-Right-wing-party they only protect there own "meat" and there "Gladio" army.
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