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OECD warns: Until the year 2035 our fossil fuel energy supply will collapse

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  • OECD warns: Until the year 2035 our fossil fuel energy supply will collapse

    "Countries have chained themselves to a fossil fuel train that is headed straight off a cliff, warns the International Energy Agency (IEA)"

    Also in the article technique to stop co2 pollution are bullshit:
    "the idea that carbon capture and storage (CCS) can adequately reduce emissions from coal is nonsense, he said. "
    also the German do it right: "It is illegal to do it in Germany,"

    This article about the same tropic also point out that the green energy solutions probably not be ready until 2035.

    They calculate for general with an nuclear power increase rate of 75% this means the energy market will collapse until 2035 calculated with an additional nuclear power of 75%. this means more nuclear power don't solve the problem.

    Overall it doesn't matter how much more nuclear power plants the humans build and it doesn't matter how much green energy power plants the humans build its to late our energy supply system will collapse until 2035.

    Also the dump Governments do all bad "annual 409-billion-dollar subsidies handout to the fossil fuel industry. "

    they spend 409 000 000 000 dollar to subsidy fossil fuel this is much more than they spend on green energy.

    this is so stupid.

    if all governments put all there strength on green energy the green energy is ready in 2050...

    this means the world is 15 years in the dark. but they don't go that way.

    this means they are in the dark even longer.

    in 2040 Germany is maybe the only industrialized country with full energy all other countries are dark places...

    Germany really should buy more weapons to deference them self against the energy searching Zombies coming to Germany from all around the world.

    sad very Sad!
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    This is what I don't get. Many of the same people warning about the evils of global warming caused by burning fossil fuels are also warning that fossil fuels are going to run out soon.

    It's almost as though they just hate fossil fuels and don't care whether their stories make any sense.