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Germany export 4MWh E-Energy although 8 Nuclear-Power-Stations turned off

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  • Originally posted by dibal View Post
    Would you like too see such a reactor in Iran, controlled by Mr. Ahmadinejad ?
    Or in Somalia, where zivil war makes a regulary operating state near to impossible ?
    When they can afford it and are smart enough to wan't it, they will be smart enough to operate it.

    These guys tend to have more need for AK-47's. You after all can have few million of those with price of one nuclear reactor.
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    • Originally posted by Qaridarium View Post
      your joke fail and its only a poor try to distract from the trueness: a nuclear power plant do have 4% efficiency.
      Hmmm, I was thinking about this number last night. You said earlier on in this thread that nuclear power plants reject 96% of their heat into the atmoshphere:

      Originally posted by Qaridarium View Post
      its all about efficiency if you use a woodgas-oven to burn the coal you have 90+ efficiency but a nuclear power plant only do have 2-4% efficiency means the nuclear power plant heat up the earth for 96% !
      also the coal cool down the earth with CO2 because the plants grow faster also the coal cool down the earth because of the sulfur because the sulfur reflex air light back to the universe also the dirty air makes diffuse light because of the aerosol and this makes grow the plants 20% faster.

      means you have 96% heating up the world with the nuclear power plant against all positive effects on the coal side.
      Well, if we have a nuclear power plant with a thermal power output of 3400MWt, and it's electrical power output is 1000MW (see the European DCD for the AP1000 for the figures) then I make that a thermal efficiency of just short of 30%. So, is the AP1000 super efficient, or were you just wrong?

      The EPR is even better, with a thermal efficiency of 36%.

      Now, how is that rejecting 96% of the heat into the atmosphere?

      Oh, and I find the Wikipedia entry on costs of generation fascinating. How much are you really paying for your solar energy? (Note: I trust Wikipedia about as much as I trust the sanity of Quazimodo here, but he seems to believe whatever Wikipedia says. He can't pick and choose what facts to belive can he? Strike that, he will.)
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      • Sorry about the double post, but I was too late to add this to my last post.

        Looking at the figures from ENTSO we can calculate the following (please pardon the formatting):

        German Electricity imports and exports (in GWe)

        Period Exported Imported Balance
        Q1/2011 18557 10463 8094
        Q2/2011 10045 13698 -3653
        July 2011 2582 3384 -802

        Hmmm, looks like Germany is a little reliant on it's European neighbours for electricity all of a sudden. I wonder why?


        • Originally posted by Panix View Post
          Yeah, instead they're building more coal plants. What a bunch of hypocrites! Ja, Green Energy indeed!
          People 100+ Km around Fukushima plant and 50 Km around Tchernobyl plant, probably think than Nuclear plant is so greenish energy, and so fun !

          Look at the green babies in those areas... you will probably like it, far better than coal diseases . Any way coal usage is mostly used during a transition period between nuclear and renewable energy.

          But even in France, the most nuclearized country (about 70% of electric energy is nuclear), this is only 8% of the total energy used in the country. Oetroleum is the first one, as on other part of the planet (after the sun for growing plants), far less green than coal for domestic usage.

          But in germany they develop smart grid, wind turbine, push water at top of the hill during low usage time, so a dam can produce energy during peaks, without the need to conserve with dirty batteries. And they have there are ton and ton of local solution for free & renewable energy. The more important, is to reduce consumption, with a better isolation, and so, reducing heating & cooling systems (the most consuming ones far behind plane and road (not on rails) transportation. Other way is to use solar oven that works pretty well with moderate sun and other simple green tech. Reduce space between cooked matter and heating surface in other ovens.


          • Hmm meanwhile in Finland:



              I think that there will be enough good green nuclear power even for germany in future. So they can continue importing energy.


              • The best solar power plant technique right now :


                it does have 25% efficiency per m? and its really cheap you make a lot of profit right now from the EEG 0,16? per kwh
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                • Originally posted by virta View Post
                  As I said. With real market price (<70?/MWh) of electricity and solar panels this newer happens.
                  0.16?/kw I'm ready to believe for solar power. And I'm sure that for example german car industry is not willing to pay such premium. I'd like to continue driving german BMW's but it seems that they have to quite soon move to France because of energy price
                  and again and again you don't understand that no company ever pay it!
                  Germany companies with high energies usage do not pay "EEG" and they do not pay MWST -19%
                  and they get extra bonus from KFW-Bank to do there own power plants.
                  if the normal price is for example ((29? its -19% MWST )-3,5% EEG) +KFW-bank credit for own power plant.
                  and if BMW drive there own solar power plant payed by KFW bank they get the 32?/MWh!

                  but yes i know you don't understand it again.. and again and again.
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                  • Originally posted by virta View Post
                    There is no such thing.
                    in germany all power plants need 100% insurance by law only the nuclear power plants do not need 100% they only do 2%.
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                    • Originally posted by virta View Post
                      Wrong. Waste disposal is ~0.3cents of that. That's how much costs to dig it 500m under ground.
                      wow you are so clever... the Germans dig it 750m under ground and it comes back and makes the people ill.

                      Originally posted by virta View Post
                      As I see it, current waste is just a temporary problem. Current nuclear waste with radioactivity for 10000 years will be processed in another type of reactor in few decades. This has outputwaste with active time of just 200-400 years and actually ~20 times better efficiency in using uranium. Russians have been running such test reactor (small, just 600MW ) since 1980.
                      its a fact that Germany runs all types of reactors in the past. ALL types means ALL types.
                      and even the Kernkraftwerk THTR-300 fails on nuclear accidents.


                      and this is your dream Thorium-high-temp-reactor which can burn nuclear waste.
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