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"Berlin pirates force FDP to walk the plank"

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    Originally posted by Hephasteus View Post
    That non-existant system has 40 million people on food stamps. They would not be fed if it weren't for the fact that they would simply overwhelm and swamp the police force. Monsanto foods has a plan. No food is grown that we do not own. States with less than 10 billion in tax revenues are spending 15 20 billion a year on roads because they do not pay for anything with taxes. They pay for things with bonds and pledge their citzens taxes on repayment. But remember what I told you. When you create money you create money but you do not create the interest to pay it back. It can never be repaid.

    If you think it doesn't matter and it won't affect you then you're freaking delusional. EVERY FUCKING COMPANY IN THE WORLD IS BANKRUPT. It's just a matter of how much countefeit or ponzied money they spend to keep going. The banks are all bankrupt and where from the time they opened thier doors. The fed is a centralizer of all that. Which is why the national debt keeps growing and growing. It will grow until it's so rediculous it loses it's believability factor. Then the illusion crumbles.

    There is an illusionary component to it and money to pay for things doesn't diminish resources. But there are also lies. During the great depression the banks bought up tons of farms. They burned crops to "keep the prices up". But the reality is they burned crops to starve people and make them too weak to fight back.

    You can stick your head in the sand all you want but confessions will be made and capitulations will happen. Bankruptcy will happen to huge companies, huge banks huge countries huge everything. Americans bought 8 billion bullets in 2008, broke that record in 2009. Anyone who says it's going to be alright just wants you unprepared and acting a freaking fool.
    The banks will lay off millions, the post office will lay off millions, if you're a cop or a firefighter or government worker. Your pension is as fucked as a 1980's chrysler employee.

    Bad things are going to happen. This is a co-creation system and you have x number of participants who want things to stay the same and you have y number of participants who want things to change and everything is zero sum. And you are out of your mind if you think you can carry on with y participants out there fucking you over any way they can. People can only share what they have. And if you give them misery they are going to drag your ass out to dinner and share it with you. You're going to know and feel not casual unconcerned ignoring but pure shadenfraud and pure spite and complete and total lack of sympathy. Because misery works on long arcs. You can delay paying the piper but you can't outrun it forever. Denial will get you so far but that just ends up with faster implosions. America can look like detroit not in 10 years or 15 years or 30 years. It can get there in a month.
    There is some truth to this. Some countries are currently on an unsustainable path. What it leaves out is that these countries can change before things get too bad.

    The behavior described here is quite healthy in moderation, but as with all things it can get quite ugly when taken to the extreme as some have been lately.

    It will get corrected, eventually. That's how the market works. The only question is whether it will be tough to fix, or really, really tough.

    A lot of the people with the views here believe that the answer is to get rid of central banking and go back to a gold standard. That would be a huge mistake. It solves a couple of problems while opening back up 100 more larger ones. There was a reason the old economic system was ditched, and that's because it simply did not work well. Everything going on right now is tiny in comparison to the problems of 80 years ago.

    As large as the American debt problem seems right now, it really wouldn't take very much to fix it. Just the political will to get it done.

    Increase the age social security benefits start by 5 years.
    Increase tax on millionaires+ by 10%.
    Cap the federal budget to keep it from growing more than 2.5% a year.

    I haven't actually run the numbers, but I'd be willing to bet that would solve all our problems just by those 3 things right there.
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