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'KfW-Banking' how the German miracle money system works.

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  • 'KfW-Banking' how the German miracle money system works.

    After many posts here in the forum i learn to understand the people around the world and there amazement and unsuspectingness about the German system and i found out the biggest difference is the KfW-Banking system.

    Now i wanna explain how the KfW-Banking system works and after that hopefully the world understand the German system better.

    All around the world you don't get a credit if you are not credit-worthy but in the German KfW-Bank system its different.
    The KfW-Bank gives you Credit without safety and the project itself its the safety.

    Its the Idea about supporting Ideas by cheap credit and the KfW-Bank supports multiple Ideas.

    KfW supports all Ideas that make a country very strong!

    because why? its simple the KfW-bank makes sure that important projects get very cheap credit.

    do you have a project to save the world in germany? and you need money? no problem call the KfW-Bank and you will get unlimited credit.

    its about the society the KfW bank supports all projects that makes the society stronger.

    thermal insulation for buildings
    heat and power power plant
    solar power plant
    super insulated glass windows
    energy saving ventilation system
    heat recovery ventilation system
    Wind power plants
    water power plants

    if you have a great idea in Germany the KfW-Bank gives you the money you need.

    with near by zero credit costs

    The KfW bank is a non-profit organization

    and yes some people call it Communism-Capitalism the official german word for that is "Soziale-Marktwirtschaft"

    and yes you can translate Soziale-Marktwirtschaft directly in Communism-Capitalism.

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    Today I was at an exhibition where the KfW bank has held a lecture

    the newest conditions of the KFW bank is 1% for credit and up to 12,5% instant money payback from the kfw bank to you.
    if you build an house model "KFW-55% energy consuming" for 4 apartments then you get 300 000? for 1 % and the KFW bank pay you 12% back means 37 500? instand in cash on hand!
    your house makes profit and it pays it self back to the KFW bank because you build the house with an
    BHKW power plant and a Solar power plant and a Wind power plant!

    Yes the KFW bank is the greatest-best bank in the world!

    if you are clever they pay a "plus energy house"

    A plus energy house.


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      Yes, working just great!,00.html

      Germans have to stop supporting Merkel and the Elites....

      Maybe one day......


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        Originally posted by Panix View Post
        Yes, working just great!,00.html
        Germans have to stop supporting Merkel and the Elites....
        Maybe one day......
        "Deutsche Bank" is not Germany. and the private banking system are not the KFW banking system.


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