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AMD APU sopport in Chrome Os.

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  • AMD APU sopport in Chrome Os.

    In the latest Chromium Os builds , starting with the 14.XXX series, I'm seeing support for the AMD APU platform take shape. I'm talking about the netbook/ultraportable variant of this platform, the C-50 and E-350. I've been trying builds on my asus eee 1215b with the C-50 apu and video acceleration is present and acounted for. The idea of APU powered Chromebooks sounds way better then the current Atom generation.
    Once the wifi get's less dodgy in the builds I might make the little eee into a full time Chromebook.

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    How did you try Chromium OS? Where do you see that you have video acceleration? How do you know there are AMD drivers and it's not just VESA with 14.x?

    I've got an AMD APU subnotebook aswell and would like to try it myself.


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      I think Chromium OS uses xf86-video-ati-6.14.2 which supports Zacate but not Llano.


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        You can either buld Chromium os yourself or get a daily build from here.
        As they are development builds you get a message on the loggin screen stating wether you are in video accelerated mode or not.


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          Mmh I've a tried a daily build (USB image) and tried booting on my AMD APU notebook and it showed the "Chromium" logo etc. but then just shutdown


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            Originally posted by d2kx View Post
            but then just shutdown
            i think this is a secret message from Google: "buy a chrombook with intel hardware or throw your money out off the window by installing windows7 "
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              Do you have the C-50 or E-350 apu? What is your exact notebook?
              Sometimes there are regresions present in the dailly build's and it could help by grabing a build from a few days back.
              There might be some other piece of hardware that isn't supported as on my asus 1215b only thing I have problems with is a dodgy wifi.