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Name The Next ATI Driver Contest (2007)

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  • Originally posted by Svartalf View Post
    With Michael taunting us like this, I have to wonder... Is 8.41 the first version number for the new codebase drivers or the last of the old ones?

    With that in mind....

    8.41 - Hell Just Froze Over Edition...
    I stick by my pet name for this one- I didn't think they could get it straightened out enough to have even a rough-cut available by now. Trust me on that one.

    I stand by my notebook purchase up to this point- and will remain skeptical for a long while at least; they disappointed us for so long as it was. Their silicon had the potential for this all along. They failed at that task and let most of us down as a result for the longest time. I had to buy a notebook with an NVidia GPU just to be able to do my 3D contract development work. They now have my attention; how long they have it, remains to be seen.
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    • Well now that we know 8.41 is a good driver.. I guess we can come up with some nice names for it.

      8.41: Everything you could want, except no AIGLX, batteries included.

      8.41: ATI Catalysts: Go fast edition

      8.41: The rival to the Windows driver has come.

      8.41: A beginning of good things from ATI/AMD.

      8.42: Back to 8.40 and under performance, trust us, its more stable! (Sorry I had to throw that in haha)


      • 8.41 - "benchmarks redone".
        8.42 - "8.41 had stolen nvidia code. sorry about that"


        • Originally posted by d2kx
          8.41 - The still no AIGLX support-driver
          As if I knew it.


          • Originally posted by d2kx View Post
            As if I knew it.
            hehe, good premonition.

            8.42 "AIGLX...LOL JK!!!111!!1"


            • 8.42 - "what took you so long edition?" (if aiglx gets in)


              • Originally posted by d2kx View Post
                As if I knew it.
                That one was kind of like shooting fish in a barrel.


                • Now that 8.41 is out, I think the winner should be
                  Originally posted by yoshi314 View Post
                  8.41 "life is a one big betatest edition"
                  So what will 8.42 be? Positive? Negative? Heres my list:

                  8.42: AIGLX marching in, with 1 million other bugs.

                  8.42: You're lucky if X starts edition.

                  8.42: Crashes galore edition.

                  8.42: You thought we hyped up the last one too much? Wait till this one.

                  8.42: Finally it works edition.

                  8.42: More painful than a root canal edition

                  8.42: Time to crack the whip edition.

                  8.42: ATI Catalysts: Possessed by demons edition.


                  • 8.42: Same turd, different skin.


                    • Originally posted by niniendowarrior View Post
                      8.42: Same turd, different skin.
                      Oh man.. I hope you're wrong haha.

                      Heres some more:

                      8.42: AMD Catalysts: Tasty edition

                      8.42: AMD Catalysts: Duke Nukem Forever Edition (Hahaha I hope you guys get that one)

                      8.42: To boldly go where no driver has gone before.

                      8.42: A few rights make a wrong edition.