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Name The Next ATI Driver Contest (2007)

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  • 8.41 "Another Vesa Implementation with Video Output"
    8.42 "Features Impossible" ... directed by John Doe
    8.43 "Rush Hour 3ver" [dreiver]
    8.44 "Die Hard 8.44.0"
    8.45 "Transcoders - Powered by US Military Hackers!" ... Join AMD! (After Military Decruit) ... is this driver written in COBOL???
    8.46 "Simpsons - The Driver ... Spider Bug!"
    8.47 "Features Impossible 2" ... directed by John Doe
    8.48 "The LinuX-Files ... the eerily cases of AMD"
    8.49 "LOST"
    8.50 "The Fantastic FOOL - Rise of the Silvercoder" ... when he arrives a driver dies!
    8.51 "Starship Coders... BUUUUGS!" *With heroic Anthem!*
    8.52 "Amd Made Drivers for All This Idiots!"
    8.53 "Only two things are infinite, the universe and AMD/ATIs implementation process, and I'm not sure about the former" stolen and adapted from an very wise man! (thank you Albert!)
    8.54 "Oops... i've too often played DRIVERS this month... next month perhaps!"
    8.54 "F***in Graphic Libarys! Recycle X!"
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    • 8.41 - "We danced at the Loveparade"
      8.42 - "We're still having flashbacks"
      8.43 - "That trip was really good. We could see a working driver! Good shit."
      8.44 - "Now we're working on it. Our code will be as clean as these weird pills we're using that make coding fun!"


      • 8.42: the ET: QW Linux client version


        • 8.41 - admin may cry
          8.42 - we're switching to ubuntu release schedule


          • Originally posted by yoshi314 View Post
            8.41 - admin may cry
            Shouldn't that be BOFH or PFY? >:-)


            • 8.41: "Proprietary is as Proprietary Does" Edition...


              • Since we can't really predict what we're gonna call each release, heres a pool of them I made up that can be used for any future release. Some are lame, some are decent, i'm just going with the flow.

                1: Fool you once, shame on us, fool you twice, and we'll fool you again. No AIGLX.

                2: Whats AIGLX? Don't you mean FGLRX?

                3: We make up our bug fixes, they aren't actually real.

                4: Dell wants us to support a thing called Linux, we do but we don't really know what it is.

                5: ATI Linux Catalysts: We were drunk this month edition.

                6: ATI Linux Catalysts: Still getting over the hangover edition.

                7: New feature: Linux didn't have a blue screen of death, now it does.

                8: We make Richard Simmons look straight edition.

                9: Welcome AIGLX, and a thousand bugs for FGLRX.

                10: Removal of ATI Brand name, it actually means Annoying Tech Ignorance. We are now just AMD.

                I'll make more soon, maybe toss in some positive ones we can use, not just negatives hehe.


                • You guys sure have no faith in the new Linux driver or AMD's other announcement...
                  Michael Larabel


                  • I think next month's driver will be full of changes. Maybe something like:

                    8.41.-2 "Who needs R300 support anyway?"

                    Then the following driver will bring us the long expected new feature they have been working on for the last couple of months:

                    8.42.0 "Themable Control Center"

                    I am very happy that the drivers work for my card!



                    • Originally posted by Michael View Post
                      You guys sure have no faith in the new Linux driver or AMD's other announcement...
                      Unfortunately for AMD, they bought a company that has consistently let us down.

                      First it was closing up everything when they were one of the first to GIVE us technical information to make a driver possible. The RAGE Pro and RAGE 128 were some of the first and best supported 3D cards in the early days. I know, I helped part of that happen.

                      Then it was drivers for the FireGL cards that sort of worked, weren't official, and sort of drove the other cards- when NVidia was providing largely working drivers.

                      Then it was "official" drivers that they really don't support all that much. For all the statements that they support Linux, not to denigrate the work they HAVE done for us, they do a less than half-hearted job at it. This isn't due to the people doing the work- they're largely top-notch. This is due to a group of upper management that think Linux is just a lark during earlier periods. Worse, the driver is mostly useless for people that have things like Hypermemory, they have to have boards that are in UMA mode or have totally dedicated memory- or you can forget running at all.

                      What you are seeing Michael, is the rage and frustration, being vented, from all of this and more. It's not that we don't believe that something's coming- it's that we've been told this repeatedly by the ATI people in the past. And, until they honestly deliver something other than just empty promises, I don't think we're going to take them much more seriously than they took us in the past.