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Name The Next ATI Driver Contest (2007)

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    8.41 "the newer build date than 8.40 driver"


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      8.41 what? indirect rendering is not the same as incredibly slow rendering?

      but seeing as that's too negative to ever make it, let me try again

      8.41 unified driver signing annoyance.
      8.41 now also signing the shim, better get those compile options right.

      no wait that's no good either

      8.42 known issue crashes X.
      8.42 finally api chased the .23 kernel, being marked deprecated for 6 months wasn't enough.

      nah all too lame let me try really really hard

      8.41 Introducing fgl_glxderailed

      well not brilliant but i'm hitting submit anyways. NAH


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        Fglrx 8.40.4 Wait for it! Never mind.
        Fglrx 8.41 is fast but Nvidia's 100.14.12 is faster
        Fglrx 8.42 and the return of the watermark
        Fglrx 8.5 Too Much, Too Little, Too Late
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          8.41 "The faster than VESA driver (if it improves in the future)"


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            Fglrx 8.41 The version that your pc will hate edition
            Fglrx 8.42 Finally only one bug... FGLRX! edition
            Fglrx 8.43 Format your pc and install Vista edition
            Fglrx 8.44 Are we developing driver? Get serious, here we play with Commodore64 edition
            Fglrx 8.45 Next year i'll buy a Nvidia edition


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              8.41 The Labrea Tar Pits Edition...

              8.41 The Watermark Strikes Back Edition...

              8.41 The "Hypermemory? We support that?" Edition...

              8.41 The Random Crash Edition...


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                8.41 Aiglx ? It will be a cold day in Hello edition
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                  Heh... If the forum reports for fglrx are true on the current Rawhide Fedora, then 8.40's more "The Watermark Strikes Back"...


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                    8.42 AIGLX ? LOL if we give ya that you'll just start asking for Crossfire !


                    • some proverb craze:

                      8.41 - "You can't teach old driver new tricks"
                      8.42 - "caught between a feature and a bug report"
                      8.43 - "Don't count your bugs before they're discovered"
                      8.44 - "bugfix makes perfect"
                      8.45 - "Good releases come in small packages . 144mb download"
                      8.56 - "Performance is silver. Stability is golden. Bronze edition."