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    Quantum computing is getting a lot of research money and seeing quite a few developments. Quantum entangle has become readily reproduced and available. This firm is even claiming a working quantum computer, though that uses a very broad definition of the term. Regardless they have a working computer that uses quantum effects that Lockheed Martin paid $10 million for:

    Quantum-computing firm opens the box -
    Mon Jun 13 2011 04:41:13 GMT-0400 (EDT)
    A small firm based in Canada that aims to build a commercially viable quantum computer has shown that an important part of its technology works. D-Wave Systems, which was spun-out of the University of British Columbia in 1999, has shown that a technique called quantum annealing can be used to make eight coupled quantum bits ? or qubits ? find their ground state. According to the firm?s chief technology officer Geordie Rose, the announcement is the first of several scientific results that D-Wave will be unveiling ? including one that he claims is "mind blowing".

    Based in Vancouver, D-Wave was set up with the aim of creating a quantum computer that uses loops of superconducting wire as qubits. As the electrical current circulating within such a "flux qubit" is quantized, the two lowest states (i.e. electrons travelling clockwise and anticlockwise) can be assigned data values of "0" or "1". The magnetic field associated with the currents is also quantized ? pointing up and down for currents moving in opposite directions ? and can be flipped using an external magnetic field.

    Tapping Quantum Effects for Software that Learns - Technology Review
    Mon Jun 13 2011 04:50:32 GMT-0400 (EDT)
    In a bid to enable computers to learn faster, defense company Lockheed Martin has bought a system that uses quantum mechanics to process digital data. It paid $10 million to startup D-Wave Systems for the computer and support using it. D-Wave claims this to be the first ever sale of a quantum computing system.

    The new system, called the D-Wave One, is not significantly more capable than a conventional computer. But it could be a step on the road to fuller implementations of quantum computing, which theoreticians have shown could easily solve problems that are impossible for other computers, such as defeating encryption systems by solving mathematical problems at incredible speed.

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    And you wish to discuss which aspect of quantum computing? Or are you just dumping links and excerpts of articles here?


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      i prefer Qaridarium Computing... they should pay me money for that!
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