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Open-Source Web-Sites, Memories Of The Past

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  • Open-Source Web-Sites, Memories Of The Past

    Phoronix: Open-Source Web-Sites, Memories Of The Past

    The forum discussion surrounding TransGaming's GameTree Linux and Cedega Technology continues, with some Linux gamers regretting that they ever even supported TransGaming. One user also brings up the past from when -- back in 2000~2001 -- TransGaming had pledged to open up their code-base once they reached 20,000 subscribers. They believed in an open-source philosophy at that time, but they never ended up opening up their code once hitting that milestone. Even though Cedega as we know it is now dead, this former fork of the X11-licensed Wine is still closed...

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    Attrition (, a hobby website started by a bunch of rabid and ill-tempered security geeks. I started reading the site about ten years ago and still browse the "Going Postal" section occasionally.

    One of the best was this:
    Which resulted in this:


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      I was into emulation in the late 1990's so this is one of the sites I used to visit quite often: Zophar's Domain

      There was another one I liked more, but I can't remember it's name. Something like "vintage gaming". I think there was a guy's name in the title.
      And this was the search engine that I used back then: Altavista.
      Also of interest is the Intel site back in 1996 Pentium Pro FTW! And of course AMD when the K6 was a novelty, nvidia which in 1996 just showcased it's only product, the NV1 1MB ram oh yeah!

      PS: Can't find the ATI site. Anyone knows what the url used to be? seems to be something completely unrelated.


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        Of course this has nothing to do with open-source, but I didn't even know what that was back in the 90's.


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          not olddays opensource but in same vintage

          in some sence demoscene was almost always opensource design almost not changed in years.

 - a big archive of scene music

, - website imitates popular fido network newsreader Golded.
          we all used dos products for BBS's then someone attached unix shell


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            Originally posted by devius View Post
            PS: Can't find the ATI site. Anyone knows what the url used to be? seems to be something completely unrelated.
            I think it was or


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              I remember discovering Google when doing research for something back in middle school (about 10 years ago, a little less.) It gave me much better results than Yahoo, so I shared it with the teacher. Teacher shared it with the class, and then the whole school was using it.

              I think the lesson is that when you make a damn good product, people will flock to it, regardless of who is the established brand.


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                Ahh... Mandrake. I loved the little penguin avatars one could pick for each user on the system. Anyone know if these are still floating around somewhere?


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                  Originally posted by bridgman View Post
                  I think it was or
                  It seems that it was both of them. Here is the products page. I had forgotten that back then companies only had 1 or 2 products at a time. According to that page it seems that ATI only had Rage with 3D acceleration, and mach64 with 2D acceleration only. Then there are cards with more output and input options, back basically it's just those two chips. Nvidia only had the NV1. Nowadays every single IT company out there has a gazillion different products. The difference is staggering. It's a much much bigger market now than what it used to be 15 years ago.


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                    And in other news, the Phoronix website looks just as bad today as it did back then. (j/k -- the black background was pretty atrocious).