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  • Email provider with privacy


    I'm looking for an email provider, that guarantees not to spy on my mail. In a country, where the laws don't force email providers to make mail accessible to the government.
    - 1GB should be enough
    - I need IMAP
    - I'm willing to pay, if it's worth it.
    I was using googlemail about a year ago which provides great service, but is probably the worst choice concerning privacy. Then I switched to my university's email address, but now that I'm ex-matriculated, they will shut down all my facilities within the next 3 weeks. So I finally want a proper provider.
    I heard about hushmail, but I don't know if it's worth it. I don't need encryption, I just want the guarantee, that no one will be authorized to spy on my mail.


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    Any ideas?


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      As an IT person I can guarantee no such e-mail provider exists.

      Moreover e-mail transfers are not encrypted and e-mails are sent using plain text, so, even if you find such an e-mail provider, government still can spy on you using Tier1 ISPs.

      And mind that Echelon is a working system, it's not a joke.

      All in all, your request makes no sense. If you want secure communications with someone on the Internet, use encryption and p2p connections/applications. Otherwise your security and privacy will be imaginary.