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London Stock Exchange got hacked as soon as it switched to Linux

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    Originally posted by renkin View Post
    Is it me or is the article written in a very confusing way? I thought their system was attacked after switching to linux, which is what the title implies.

    But the attack happened DURING the switch, so their Linux solution wasn't up and running yet. and it was Microsoft's .NET architecture that was attacked (does that mean the system was running Windows at the time?) .. A lot of things in the article seem too vague
    Actually, the article linked also says 'during Linux switch', however the starter of this thread decided to change it to 'London Stock Exchange got hacked as soon as it switched to Linux', for what reason is anyone's guess but it's obviously false. Add to that, the article only speculates that there even was an attack, so can you say FUD?

    Facts are, under much fanfare Microsoft announced that the London stock exchange was switching to Microsoft servers and .NET. After a series of problems culminating in the system collapsing and stopping trade for almost an entire day, a switch to Linux was decided (which is what New York stock exchange is running for example).