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  • Dude, where's my BASH?

    Myself, and a few friends of mine, have created a new Linux review site. We are looking to review the sort of stuff Phoronix used to review before (actual distros and that sort of stuff.) We are also reviewing non-unix-like opensource operating systems. Believe me, I still love Phoronix, but the focus isn't the same anymore. We are not looking to compete with Phoronix. Hell, maybe someday we will be a sister-site to Phoronix (or I am dreaming too much.) We also have our own forums and whatnot to talk about operating systems and the like. Also, just to let you in, there are a few easter eggs/troll content in the site. This is on purpose, we intend to have a lot of fun. We are not looking to be anything big or commercial. Anyway, if anyone is interested in reading/writing some articles, or that sort of stuff, head over to

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    I'm one of the friends who's making the site. Part of the purpose of the site is also to review those distros that nobody ever seems to review (I don't mean a nine year old making Ubuntu blue either, I mean real distros). Also since LinuxID10T didn't mention it, we aren't just going to review OSes, we do plan to review software (and if we actually get donations, a little bit of hardware) as well.
    And yeah, I can't make anything without some kind of troll comments.