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[Wanted] Network Programmer (RakNet) and 3D-Designer

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  • [Wanted] Network Programmer (RakNet) and 3D-Designer

    Hi together

    We are looking for a Network Programmer and a 3D-Designer with focus on character design and animation.

    For a better reading please visit:

    For an overview of the project please visit

    Kind Regards
    Quantum Bytes

    I hope it is no problem to post this here, else please contact me.

    Our project is called Relics of Annorath.
    It is a MMORPG which plays in a medieval/post-modern ambience. The implementation of the project covers a complex economic system, which is also reflected on the profession system of the individual characters. So that the virtual world feels dynamic and entertaining, we plan to implement a complex guild, faction and political system.

    For more information on specific properties of Relics of Annorath we would like to invite you for a personal meeting (protection of our intellectual property).

    The project is currently in the implementation phase and some stuff is already implemented (some game logic and world elements). We are just about to finish our milestone for the basic implementation.

    Our implementation of the project includes several phases. As already discussed, our first phase is the development of a technical demonstration. With this we try to find an investment partner.
    Regardless of this, we proceed with the project.

    Our schedule provides that we can offer towards the end of 2012 a final product. ///// kA dae teil wird falsch azeigt in dr mail

    Our team consists of three members. These include two programmers and a 2D/3D-Designer.

    We are currently in the completion phase for the establishment of our corporation.

    Team Members

    ? Logic programming (basics)

    ? Logic programming (conversions)

    ? GUI implementation

    ? Database implementation

    ? Project and Corporate Management

    ? 2D/3D modeling

    ? Design and texturing of the graphics

    ? Design of the virtual world

    ? Community Manager

    ? Corporate Management

    Job Description

    Network Programmer:
    ? Architecture planning

    ? Implementation of the network layer (Client/Server)

    ? Synchronization of the objects

    ? Providing data integrity

    ? Connection to the existing database

    ? Safeguards against data manipulation (cheating, cracking)

    ? Performance Optimization

    3D Modeler:
    ? Creation of characters and animals

    ? Creation of the corresponding bone logic

    ? UVW mapping

    ? Animate the characters for animation tree

    ? Optimization (LOD)


    ? Communicative (Teamspeak, Mantis, Wiki, Jabber)

    ? Reliable and quality awareness

    ? Goal orientated and personal initiative

    ? Languages: German, English

    ? Time invested at least 25 hours per week

    ? Willingness to participate in project completion

    ? Willingness to accept a permanent position when we get investment

    Network Programmer:
    ? Excellent C++ knowledge/experience

    ? RakNet knowledge

    ? Linux knowledge

    ? Familiar with SVN/GIT

    ? Autodesk 3ds Max / Bender knowledge

    ? Experience in character design

    ? Experience in animation

    ? Experience with bone systems (ragdoll)

    To be honest, in this stage of the project we can not reward you.
    We have invested over 28000 ? in the project and we do not have the cash to pay rewards at this moment.
    However, we try to obtain capital investment to enable us to reward our project members.

    Technical information

    ? CentOS/RHEL

    ? PostgreSQL

    ? RakNet

    ? Proprietary Framework for Clustering and RakNet (C++, proprietary scripting language)

    ? Windows XP/Vista/7 (DX9/10/11)

    ? Linux (OpenGL3/4)

    ? OpenAL

    ? Proprietary Engine (C++, proprietary scripting language)

    What we offer
    ? Competent and affable team

    ? Infrastructure and development platform (Wiki, Mantis, GIT)

    ? Access to our engine and documentation

    ? Training time and help with problems

    We'll also provide you with advice and assistance should you have difficulties in a task. We act as a team and therefore you will also be heavily involved in the planning and review of the project. In return, we ask for honesty and duty consciousness. We also think you can shift your focus slightly, so instead of 100% character design, you can also run 10-30% another activity. Of course this is only if your schedule can be met.

    Procedure for an application
    If you want to sign up for one of these places, please provide us the following information by e-mail sent to [email protected]:

    ? Desired position

    ? Some words about you

    ? Projects where you were involved

    ? Profile with your skills

    ? Wishes and ideas for cooperation

    ? Questions and comments

    Contact information
    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the following media:

    E-Mail: [email protected]
    Jabber: [email protected]

    For more information about our project visit the link below: