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Rant: Asus has the worst support by far in NA.

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    Originally posted by Panix View Post
    With the latest Gigabyte news and cynicism over Asus' support, I am wondering who's left.

    I was looking at Asrock and MSI for my next mobo purchase for a 1155 system so I hope either one of those is better.
    I don't recommend ASRock. They are very similar to ASUS in this respect. If it works it works but if there's a bug..good luck getting any help with it. Not to mention if it's AMD-based then (At least on Windows) you have to deal with the worst installer on the face of the planet that just LOVES to throw you the chicken-and-egg problem (You must have the driver to access the hardware, but you must have the hardware to install the driver). It might work just fine on Linux (or in my case, FreeBSD) in that respect, but they still have terribad support.

    I got MSI after ASRock (And am using an MSI board now) and I seriously recommend. "It Just Works" (TM)
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