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Oracle's patches can be traps on Open Source projects

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    Originally posted by fernandoc1 View Post
    As a programmer, I know that a line of code can hide as many things as it wish.
    Knowing this, and seeing what Oracle is doing in terms of Open Source, I think that we could not let Oracle do what they want in our projects.
    They, for sure, will destroy many other open source projects, because now they own all Sun's projects, and they alone can rise an fully functional enterprise solution that can not live together with our enterprise linux solutions.
    Watch out!
    Yes, watch out. As an expert I know that Oracle's own published linux distribution and contributions to the kernel could be murdering your children at any moment.
    You have seen what they have done, e.g. defending their rights under the law, and this logically means they will be violating your rights next. I know this because I know code, and JUST one line of code can hide anything. Murder puppets, drugs or miseducation you name it.

    They have already decided not to invest into a project that was neither famous nor making any money so they will knife Java because they don't like Jboss. All their investing into Glassfish is just a ruse. Fishes are deadly creatures Oracle is planting mindseed oh no they found mfyslkfjlsn...


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      Originally posted by nanonyme View Post
      So you're saying we should abandon Btrfs? :/
      I'm not telling you to delete any line of code that came from Oracle, but to have special attention on it.
      Test, see if there is something hidden, wait a little more until putting it on the stable branches, and verifying if it is leading to a dangerous design path.
      That is only an warning about Oracle.
      They are not good intentioned.
      Larry Ellison seeks money and power, in a way that it should kill anything that is blocking his path.
      This position as one of best open source contributor is what fears me.
      We can't be Oracle dependent. All our projects need to get its own shape and walk with it's owns lags.
      See here:
      They are already controlling sponsorship page. It can't be allowed!