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General discussion upon things of around like earth vs sun,

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  • General discussion upon things of around like earth vs sun,

    On around i went on that of issue that would be in need of professional arguement on cases between of things.

    Thing would be that of understandment of towards that of what is the reality on things of.

    First on around that would be that of some short preriod of consideration on things.

    We are talking about the solar system we have now that is consist of 3 planets, sun, moon and earth.

    On that i would still find somewhat obivious instead of those randomly thrown media things around that of sun and earth should keep it's spot by having that of inner part of motion that would pull liquid things towards itself.

    On earth we should have that of 2 motion pulls around on ... the inner part of of course that would be some high speed thing that defines that of liquid forms motion towards that of surface and similiar and seemingly that of outer core motion on top of lava parts that would come as that of mass pull towards that of direction, what would create that of gravity somewhat.

    On sun however the thing should be that of it would be it has the outer part molten and liquid form of similiar to glass that is only effected upon that of inner part rotation of high speed similiar to earth that would define that of liquid form pulls.

    Also on that of consideration on around that of night sky we see those of "star flies" that should be from side of center rotation from sun that of molten glass that nearly gained a solid form instead of being liquid but sun not having that of sideways rotation on around would make it to be released in form of some eruption.

    Things of that orginally created this system around on could be considered on multiple ways on around really ... but on around thing is that of ... we have that of part of on top of us, area between earth surface and space.

    Could it be possible that of if desired upon the sun could be either core slowed by oil type of adjustment towards core that would slow down to speed make/match that of speed on surface or seemingly the surface level made solid that it would start rotating making that of other graviational pull on sideways on longer area that of the inner part.

    That would make the inner part loose it's grip into liquid type and seemingly also that of warmth based pull and make area between that of sun surface and space more ... making area of similiar to athmosphere allowing the gas made by that of warmth and things on surface burning making clouds that would seemingly somewhat consume that of coldness on space and form a rain clouds or similiar.

    And on around too, if sun and earth would be constantly on the spot the are cause of the inner part rotating, seemingly the moon should lack that ... as it should move and pass between those of 2 planets we know too, it would be that of it should have only that of gravity from that of outer part of the planet making the mass only count somewhat and liquid type of things should not have any type of gravity at all there ?

    Also when there was some internet/media news around things of similiar to that of melting on around those of northern and southern poles of the planet indeed ... it should be that of the things that die at ocean, fish and humanbeings that eventually gets by mass and liquid parts pulled on towards center of earth would burn on the warmth and things that exists on those levels and when filled around at released as "salt" on around ... it should mean that the northern and southern parts would melt cause of having more salt on that on ocean than normally only.

    Well i went around on some things of to be skipped on around really but on basic things on around, how possible it would be that of that these 3 planets we know in our system of would be just some mere stars upon ... on around earth having 2 motion things on and on moon only that of outer part of that is that of some mass type of thing that is longer on side scale than that of inner part that on moon has gone mute.

    Well yeah there would been alot of consideration towards things of like those of things like when "hornets" high speed jets fly on things and go beyond sound barrier would just mean that of it would go in direction of and meet some cut line between those of 2 motion side things on and on some cases indeed it would be seen that of when they would go into things of either some side wing of similiar would break down would be cause of the moment it went around was on direction towards that of earths things around that on moment the thing was moving was constantly on spot where there ... well on way to say jet wing is on spot where the engine on begin would push that of thing towards while other parts of the thing would not agree being at same ideal anymore and would break thing or similiar on it ...

    And basicly alot more consideration only, not really conclusions ... it would require that of better knowledges on upon things really.

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    Well if nothing else we should make arguement on anything really, i am around somewhat bored on ... on from medical things into those of what ever comes into mind really.

    Arguements and comments would be accepted always as of giving either new way of thought or perhaps that of requested reconsideration of the case.

    And hopefully not mocking any religious basic ideas at all around. =)


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      i'm sorry but trying to read that makes my brain hurt. it is utterly incomprhensible.


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        Gravity does not treat liquid differently. If an astronaut standing on the moon simultaneously dropped a rock and spilled a liquid from the same altitude, both the rock and liquid would hit the surface at the same time.

        The way magma/lava flows inside planet Earth has no effect on its gravity, but it might have something to do with its magnetic field. Changing the way matter moves inside the sun and changing the way it rotates will have no effect on its gravitational pull because its mass would still be the same.

        Yes, if you could make the outer layers of the sun rotate faster those layers would expand slightly for the same reason things in a car might roll or lean out of the turn when the car turns sharply.

        Yes, climate change at the poles probably would kill some marine life, but they will not decompose into salt. Life is made of organic compounds, and decomposes into all kinds of stuff. That's not what salt is made of. Salt is sodium chloride.


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          Yes i came into really reading that of magnetic part on around that does not make much sense on at all on north or south pole positions on around and seemingly orginally developed on top of water on some item that turned always it's position on sideways on same way. (If i remember right on around that)

          That on basic ideal of we would draw a line on horizontal level on center of earth that would be around the core of the earth that would do that of rather high speed motion on that would keep the areas of center of the earth warm.

          While that line goes on that of the part of and more effeciently on middle line it would have lessened effect upon when going on north or south from that of center line meaning that of it would have that of really odd rotating on part of north or south pole.

          And on top of that area we would have this molten lava similiar to sun, but on when going more below indeed would have the warmth lessened making the "ground" solid ... still the speed on core would make the earth above it go on that of direction it would rotate.

          As on things of indeed the sideways pull of compass needles or similiar would make that of side turning on side of rotation motion if there would be anything on around that would not come across that of what would really stop it on way of not being either air or water or similiar.

          Basicly on perhaps the thing would be that of if compass would be placed on that of north pole for example it should keep rotating constantly on direction of that the earth would but on higher speed really.


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            Your English is very hard to understand. Are you using a translator?


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              No im not, sorry for that. The previous was indeed some type of gibberlish that was not properly put on line between on thoughts.

              On around indeed when we are talking about gravity we could compare that of just breathing on forward, that would release that of thing on where the surrounding air would go in the motion/direction.

              On as that of we would have the pull on towards the center by it's inner parts fast moving on still being that of things on between that of core of earth and surface area somewhat, anything basicly liquid should have more weight on around near that of the circling motion as it would be ... hard thing to put on words really but on around the thing is that of it can shape it's form better on around to match that of pull really, still being indeed vaporized upon that of heat meaning on only those of things that can be on liquid form while heated would exist on around there, perhaps something indeed like that of glass, lava parts (molten rock) should be on above it.

              On around if one would do quick consideration on how a star could shape into that of earth, it could be that of either it's core motion would lessen around a bit making that of outer part cooler and start that of moving motion as well too instead of being that of molten or liquid form of.

              The main thing indeed that of thinking on around would have the issue of from the surface area of star and space should by having less motion and pull on that of center make some type of atmosphere between that of stars outer surface and that of space, meaning on that the heated things previosly could form a cloud type of thing on above the star, eventually that thing on could collect that of coldness on near space and when it would have enought of it on around it would meet the pull of from the center rotation on making it to "rain" towards that of surface of that star that had made area difference on between being connected into space.

              [Yes i doub that made any clear on what i was trying to think around on really but on way of one should try imagine it around on and some more gibberlish indeed = ) ]


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                Originally posted by jasa68 View Post
                We are talking about the solar system we have now that is consist of 3 planets, sun, moon and earth.
                I'm sorry, but that made me laugh very hard. I'm not going to read any further on you story about 'reality' before you explain that one first.

                What definition of 'planet' are you using that classify the sun and the moon as planets?


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                  The main difference on indeed those are obivious still being that of generally speaking all should have had at some point same type of form, meaning on around that everything did not exist on around as it is forever really, unless we would consider those of religious basics on around.

                  As on gravity indeed the thing should be that something like form and mass thing on around that mass has longer reach still being less than that of form, the issue would be that of side effecting things like warmth and coldness of things.

                  Basicly indeed as thing of we have that of shape of parachute against that of air it comes slower down ... while on it would be broken the shape would be alternated on way of allowing it to adjust itself for faster pull.

                  The issue is that of indeed that is considered to be when one puts a weight on water it would go to bottom of it ... still being on on longer direction downwards towards core how deep it would go before the shape would come more important than that of mass.


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                    And as i think i claimed arguements are always wanted it would be something to take into notifying or something to be learned from.