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Lightworks - pro FOSS video editing soon!

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  • Lightworks - pro FOSS video editing soon!

    One of the most frequent complaints to have been leveled against Linux as a desktop OS since it has had a desktop has been its lack of a good, powerful video editor. Recently we have seen KDEnlive stabilise a lot and gain more features and we also now have the very promising and actively developed openshot and PiTiVi as more alternatives to the old flagship Linux NLE everybody loves to hate, cinelerra.

    As promising as some of these FOSS video editors are, few would argue they can effectively compete with established proprietary NLE's such as FCP, Vegas etc. in their current state. After what seems like a FOSS eternity to those who have been waiting, it seems we will shortly have a FOSS NLE with a pro-level feature set thanks to the open sourcing of the oscar-award winning Lightworks:

    Features / Specs

    IMO this is the most significant open sourcing of a desktop/ media app since Blender, which will compliment Lightworks very nicely.

    Open source Nvidia graphics? Open source video editing? VP8? 2010 is looking like the best year for FOSS yet!