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    Hey guys,

    Thought I would put this out there to see if you have any suggestions for a backup software solution that would meet our criteria. The criteria are:

    - has authentication and encryption (preferably public/private keys rather than just symmetric)
    - handles Windows clients (ok if server requires Linux)
    - doesn't require open shares i.e. has client software
    - would be nice if it shares storage for duplicate files
    - would be nice if it can do incremental backups of large files (e.g. outlook .pst files)

    Any ideas?

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    Backup software will gladly back up virus-infected files, so it's more important to keep the system clean. Viruses don't normally lie in wait for specific activities like making backups, they'll just infect the system outright.

    Windows Backup is okay to use, no different from software that might come with an external/network drive. Whatever you choose, make sure you check for viruses before making or restoring a backup.


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      since you did not post any type of budget constraints, i would advise you to look into Acronis True Image Server.

      i'm pretty sure it has just about all the options/features you do specify in your criteria ("- would be nice if it shares storage for duplicate files" - this one i'm not quite sure of since i don't quite comprehend what it is you're asking).

      it is available for linux and windows. <company mouthpiece mode> it is an excellent backup suite with an outstanding set of features geared toward easy backup and quick restoration with a minimum of hassle.</company mouthpiece mode>


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        I am using winNT backup facility which do everything i need.


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