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Standard Radeon vs. fglrx

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    I have something to say!

    You're doing something terribly wrong


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      Grmph, OK

      \ /

      PS. I'll see you in the main street when the sun touches the mountain.


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        User mode setting is leaving. Kernel mode setting is coming in. It's alot of work. Proprietary drivers are being abandoned. Sucking ways to use the GPU is being sucked into the kernel like a vaccuum cleaner. Direct compute, or linux's version, OpenCL doesn't happen till this happens. It sucks. We're smack dab in the middle of it. There's a bout a billion things that happen on this planet every day that serve no higher purpose at all. Haiti releif is being stolen. People are dying to protect buttheads because they can't understand gang dynamics. Of all the stupid moronic things going on in the world. This switchover in how linux works is NOT one of them.
        It came from where it came from. It's going to where it's going. Either roll back to an old linux and live in the past and then jump in when the pools ready or don't. Nobody is forcing you to run the latest version of whatever linux distro you are using. Go back to fedora 10 and proprietary drivers or Ubuntu 9 and come back when you want to.