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8bit Colour Performance, Wine and Compositing

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  • 8bit Colour Performance, Wine and Compositing

    Awhile ago games that used 8bit colour tended to perform poorly in Wine when rendering on a 16 or 24bit display. This didn't affect all games, games that didn't need to redraw much of the screen performed alright.

    I remember two major approaches towards fixing this - one was the use of OpenGL / WineD3D in Wine to handle DirectDraw calls:

    The second, and I can't find any links for this at the moment, was using AIGLX / Compositing to do the depth translation / palette mapping within X

    I stopped following these developments a few years ago. However, I now find myself with a new netbook (Ideapad S10e) wondering where these developments went. I've been unable to find anything on this newer than 2007.

    Can anyone fill me in?

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    I don't know if this is the thing you are talking about but oh well:
    There have been some progress made but it's going really slow.


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      Interesting. It's related, but a separate approach to addressing the same issue (as well as a few other issues). The DirectDraw / OpenGL stuff that Stefan Dosinger was working on tried to bypass need to create a proper DIB engine.

      The patch-sets against that bug may prove handy in trying to get a few games working though, thanks for the link.

      I'll see if I can find something on the Xorg / Composite line of development.