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Between Efficiency, and Idiocity

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  • Between Efficiency, and Idiocity

    Err, I mean: between Efficiency, desire, and Idiocity

    Not-too-long ago, I plan to bought a netbook and a mobile phone. I have good desktop pc, quite fast ones and it too have quite low-power consumption. But still I think it's not efficient enough (although, I just use it when I need, and turn off when uneeded.) while my mobile's half broken.

    The reason I want to have a netbook is, it has lower power consumption (one of my way/contribution to suppress global warming) mobile so I can use it rather than use my desktop whose immobile and consume more power. Then again, I can use it to test my networking skill and use it as experimental machine.

    When I want to bought a thing, I usually gather the information most of my time around the thing that I want to buy. Scourching the net. Most of my time.. Heh, and now I think it's a waste of time. But thanks to that, I then have a conclusion that I don't really need that thing (a netbook or a mobile phone). It's just my desire (I want it, I has to be useful for me, I will definitely use it and make it productive, bla..bla..bla..). I still can use my desktop PC for the thing that I want to work in a netbook, and I still can use my half broken phone, although it's annoyed me.

    The question is: do I really, really need it? Back then I think, yes, of course. A netbook can help me lower my power consumption which then help-a-little to make this world better (a more cold place, as it supposed to)--A single person vs the world. And the reason I typed above. But now, I think it is not.

    Then again, when I surf forums-to-forums, I know that usually, people--especially westeners--rarely turn off their computer or their electronic thingy. I want to lower my power consumption and the use of electronic thing so that what-so-called Global Warming is crawling more slowly to us. And there again, when I think, most of people, ehm, westeners.. argh.. (what the idea of having an HTPC computer, a computer that's turned on 24/7; Or someone that just restart the computer when done upgrading the operating system. Or having 4-8 computers. Or having 4-8 mobile phone.. etc..). Man!..

    Oh, and this is a enlightening ramble about it (read wisely):

    And then.. end of my post.

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    The concept of "greenness" in general is mostly a marketing feature, i.e. just another thing meant to entice you into a purchase instead of thinking about the big picture. If you're an IT director buying computers for a whole office, efficiency might make a big difference in the power budget for that building, but it's not going to have any measurable effect on the environment. The climate change problem is driven by aggregate effects; individual choices don't have much effect unless they represent a major trend in the population (unless the individual has authority over, say, how to build/run a coal-fired power plant).

    I care about power consumption when building a PC, but it's mostly because I suppose that lower power consumption will generally mean higher reliability and lower fan noise.


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      its important to be green, regardless of nationality the one thing we all share in common is that we cant live without the world we walk on.

      That said, I like my electricity. I do however understand that most of my electricity comes from nuclear or hydroelectric. TBH desktop computers use very little power to begin with, let alone notebooks or netbooks. If you want to save the environment change your light bulbs or something simple like that. It will make a larger impact....


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        Lets not forget that the charging of batteries is not a very efficient process and that power consumption has to be accounted for as well.


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          Originally posted by L33F3R View Post
          its important to be green, regardless of nationality the one thing we all share in common is that we cant live without the world we walk on.
          I agree.
          From what I read, the US alone contribute 25% to the gass emission. That a huge number.

          I think the root for all of this is what we call comfort-ness, human that can't feel content with what they have, and that they feel they are an entity that separated from the world.

          #1. Because we want everything at easy for us. Of that is the cause that there's somebody that never turn off their computer, leave it on 24/7 although they just use it a few hours a day.
          That is why somebody leave their tv on all day when they busy in front of their computer (so they don't need to turn off the tv again)

          #2. Because we never feel content with what we have. We have the most modern computer today and when there's newest model, we want it. Most of us have Phenom II X4 or Core 2 Quad, with 4-8 GB ram and abundance space of hdd. Yet still we want newer/newest model when they available. The newest model have a new technology, this and that, and that the cause that it's worth buying it. But then, when we bought that, we don't use that technology too. OS and software usually left behind a year or so with technology that our newest hardware have. Usually. Then again, we have friends that content with their dual core intel or AMD and 1GB RAM, with just few space of hdd. Well, we never content.

          #3. Because we feel we are an entity that separated from the world.
          Then, we develop our ignorance for the others (people, or environment). What is the most important is ourselves. "I have money. So if then we face a crisis like global warming, I stil can face it. Well, I have money. I have everything that I need to encounter that. Friends or partner? Well, I have money to--direct or indirect--'buy' them." The thought like that. Most of the time we forget that we live in this world, connected, have a relationship with the others. We can't exist without the others, like there's no 'left' if there's no 'right'; there's no 'light' if there's no 'dark'.

          Heck. Most of us do that all the time. And I think that's what make us human. Though, not a wise one .
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