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Silly M$ Poland.....

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  • Silly M$ Poland.....

    We have all lol'd about MS Poland photoshopping the black guy out if the picture. If by the rare chance you don't read engadget or slashdot or something else then here you are.

    uploaded to my webspace as I have seen it taken down on some sites. Origin = engadget

    What are peoples thoughts on this? Does it expose something dark about Poland or about Microsoft?

    L33F3R just thinks M$ is bad at photoshop

  • #2
    Wouldn't have been so bad if they had photoshopped his hand too.


    • #3
      They just tried to fit the banner to polish reality - while there are quite big Asian population in Warsaw, you just wont find many black guys there.


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        Skinheads could start attacking white people wearing gloves on fears that they photoshopped. If that happens MS could get sued over it.


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          I think this is just a perfect example about how bad photoshopping can look like. Both the (once black) guy (lovely black hand...) as well as the woman just look wrong. That is their bodys are perfectly fine, but neck and head just look plain wrong.