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GNOME Publishes Draft Of Five-Year Strategic Plan

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    Originally posted by timofonic View Post

    So they're mostly useless crap. I see The Document Foundation a lot better than most non-profits, for example. They pay many devs.
    That's not what I said. It's not useless to organize freedesktop conferences that GNOME, KDE etc participate in to work on foundational work, pay a sysadmin to work on infrastructure or fund the accessibility stack that everyone using Linux on the desktop is using etc but they don't control the technical direction of the project. Document foundation does not control the technical direction of Libreoffice either. When a foundation does pay developers, it is done via grants and earmarked for specific projects. GNOME foundation does that too via STF grants for example.


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      lmao people don't want to understand what a non-profit foundation is/does. It's not a company folks, and is not involved in technical plans..


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        Originally posted by Britoid View Post

        It's been obvious for a while now that these DEI people do not consider disability as part of diversity, no wonder it gets ignored
        This is not true. The very first item that STF grant in GNOME is targeted towards is accessibility. Red Hat also has a full time developer (who himself is blind) working on a new stack for accessibility. As someone who depends on accessibility features, I track this work closely. I suspect you are not.


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          Support use of GNOME technologies in other contexts, i.e. [...] cross-desktop
          Part of being cross-desktop means integrating, and the Gnome devs will NOT be doing that. If Gnome wanted their tech to be cross-desktop in any meaningful way without f*cking over the entire ecosystem every 10 minutes I'd eat my left shoe after a 14k march.

          Claim the value of what GNOME has created over 25 years and tell our story. Look at our impact and how we have made people’s lives better [...] with additional partners such as KDE sitting at table

          I think I'm on the verge of an aneurysm​. In the INTEGRATION of their little roadmap they're implicating they have a remotely good "story" when it comes to how they've worked with KDE? Either the Gnome foundation has no idea what the Gnome developers are thinking, or they're wilfully ignorant.

          In all seriousness though, if they have any level of sincerity when it comes to playing nice with the KDE folks, it would be genuinely welcome. I just don't see it happening though. At best I can see a few individuals disconnected from the realities of development shake hands and maybe take some nice pictures - but unless they give their developers an attitude adjustment or make an example of some of their more hostile contributors, the simple fact is the good they do will be offset by the damage their developers cause.


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            Relate to bigger “outward” world by making GNOME directly relevant and attractive to many more diverse people
            They could start by caring more about accessibility.


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              Originally posted by kpedersen View Post

              Creating a C API ontop of C++ or Rust is a poorer solution. You would need to make extern "C" wrapper functions for every single class method or equivalent.
              Most certainly this work, however at least for Rust this is often straight forward and creating the actual C code can get automated using cbindgen. In any case it is IMHO easier than the opposite where one needs to reason about the soundness of idiomatic rust wrappers of a C API.
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                Originally posted by pWe00Iri3e7Z9lHOX2Qx View Post

                They could start by caring more about accessibility.
                Why do you think they don't?


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                  And once again the gnome devs are obsessed with skin colour and what people have between their legs, are they every going to move on from their racist policies and just treat everyone equal?


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                    Originally posted by guzz46 View Post
                    And once again the gnome devs are obsessed with skin colour and what people have between their legs, are they every going to move on from their racist policies and just treat everyone equal?
                    Racist? That's not the correct word in this context.

                    Treading all people equal is not what is good for everyone. In some cases equality and equity yield to the same results, i.e. for elections. Everybodys vote has the same weight. Yet, in many cases equality doesn't equate equity.
                    Some people need less support, others more. It is like giving everybody shoes of the same size 42 because that's the average shoe size. It might fit for some people, but not for everyone. There are even people without legs that don't have a need for shoes.

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                      Honestly I liked the Mint strategic plan: Ditch libAdwaita, increase the number of Xapps. I'd like to see more be done around privacy/shoring up the desktop app support.