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Mozilla Has A New CEO To Focus On The Future

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    Originally posted by DumbFsck View Post
    I'm one of those bright eyed blissfully naive folk that thinks some strict engineer at the helm is the most desirable CEO, like Intel got now with Pat Gelsinger, AMD with Lisa Su, very notably nvidia with Jensen (who, reportedly, is so good that senior engineers get uncomfortable because he "berates" or criticises them with an air of superiority like "I can do your job better than you" and then goes ahead and does it), more akin to Mozilla as a software company, even Satya, Sundar, the Zuck are first and foremost engineers, etc.

    But, you know, time and time again we see superior tech not leading to market success. So maybe it isn't enough to make Firefox faster, better, more embbedable (I miss their prism/webrunner or w/e it was called. And always wished they'd make a competitor to electron), etc. Maybe they need MBAs and funding and expanding to other markets like that monitor thing...

    Well, they have to make money somehow. Chrome makes money because it shuttles everyone to Google Search and does a shit ton of user tracking, etc...that Google can "sell". Edge makes money or attempts to make money by doing the same with Bing and Co-Pilot. So, for Google and MS the browser is just a user telemetry and marketing tool.

    Firefox doesn't have that. Personally, I agree they need someone to make Firefox "better", faster, etc...., and work on their core product but they could also lean into "support" and more enterprisey configurations or tools. "Consumers" aren't going to pay for stuff. The only people that are willing to pay are medium+ businesses and Firefox just doesn't sell anything to larger businesses. All their "products" are consumer focused.

    I hate to say it, but even a "subscription" or "store" model for some of the higher-end and better supported plugins and extensions if it's reasonable.


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      She currently serves as CEO of Willow Innovations, Inc, a wearable smart breast pump company.
      ​boobzilla is coming!


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        Well, will give a chance, but I have a feeling this is out with garbage, in with trash, I find it funny that at least all of the mentioned companies I have used in the past are all crap now, ebay, paypal, airbnb? never use any of them any more because of how garbage they are. A replacement to firefox can't come fast enough.


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          but will retain the position of Mozilla Corporation Executive Chairwoman.
          Communism doesn't work because of the same issue - there are no shareholders putting preassure on management.
          This leads to not the best leaders are on top but those with connections, who work into their own pockets.

          I was really suprised to hear Mrs Baker would step down, but my suprise went away when I heard she will still enjoy a fine mozilla paycheck.


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            Originally posted by Chugworth View Post
            The Firefox leadership is really questionable. The only reason I keep using Firefox is because I don't want to see everything dominated by one browser engine. If they ever switch it to Chromium, I'd drop it like a hot potato.
            Where is Firefox leadership?
            Mitchell Baker has destroyed Mozilla.



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              What will be the salary of the new CEO? I stopped donating to Mozilla because I had read Mitchell Baker receives millions of $ each year.


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                Originally posted by jf33 View Post
                What will be the salary of the new CEO? I stopped donating to Mozilla because I had read Mitchell Baker receives millions of $ each year.
                You shouldn't care about the salary this new CEO receives, what you should care about is what they receive despite firefox lacking funding.


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                  Mr. Baker always chose the easy path: Instead of investing into expensive core technology, she fired the guys working there - and instead favoured "easy" things where success can be seen immediatly: five (or so) UI redesigns, things like an integrated WebRTC client (was removed after a few years), a few startup-things - because what worked with firefox might work elsewhere to with a lot less investment and last but not least pdf.js which took years to finally be useable (but now it has lost its USP now that poppler can be complled to WASM).

                  Now she does the same. Instead of taking responsibility for the wrong decisions, admiting her own failure in the role of CEO and stepping down, she passes decision making on to somebody else while still being on the payroll of mozilla.


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                    Originally posted by jf33 View Post
                    What will be the salary of the new CEO? I stopped donating to Mozilla because I had read Mitchell Baker receives millions of $ each year.
                    You will know in about a year, when the financial statements will need to be made public. However, Mozilla has historically offered salaries to their senior executive staff that are equivalent to those offered by trillion dollar companies, rather than salaries that reflect Mozilla's much lower valuation and revenue, as the executives want to believe that they are still in the big leagues, even though that has not been true for quite some time.


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                      ungooged-chromium FTW.
                      I don't know how any sane person can believe the story of Eich's firing aka Brave's inception story...