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OpenZFS Is Still Battling A Data Corruption Issue

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    Way to completely misrepresent, hey.

    Very black and white, or binary, considering your name.


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      Originally posted by Almindor View Post

      After losing my data? No thanks :P
      Without knowing your own use case: we can't tell whether you were at risk.

      There's much to suggest that if you were at risk of openzfs/zfs issue 15526, you would have been at far greater risk of data corruption from other causes.

      You can thank those other causes, not ZFS, for the detectable corruption in your case. You have detected corruption, haven't you?


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        Originally posted by sam_vde View Post
        … a comment from the man who wrote the patch to fix it. …
        Thanks. There's more to come from Rob Norris. Stay tuned.


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          Originally posted by phoronix_anon View Post
          Eagerly awaiting a Jim Salter article about how this is actually a btrfs issue.
          Actually I was just today saying in the OpenZFS Production Users conference call "I am glad that Phoronix is bringing attention to this, yes these bugs are relatively difficult to hit but they are data corruption bugs, and the last thing I want to do is try to sweep them under the rug."

          Admittedly, I may have mentioned a certain filesystem as an example of "sweeping the problems under the rug" when I said that...