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Linux Kernel Networking Driver Development Impacted By Russian Sanctions

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    Who cares about baikal? We have patches which gnome can't merge, and because of this ubuntu carries those patches on top of the regular gnome. Gnome pls merge Dynamic Triple Buffering!!!
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      Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
      This is so dumb and unnecessary...
      Definitely, killing people is. But what can we do with the Kremlin Gremlin?


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        Originally posted by post-factum View Post

        You don't take a hot dog from an individual who raped your mother in front of you, do you?
        What about your mother's rapist's father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate? Do you accept the hot dog from them? Because that's who we're talking about, not the rapist.


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          > US government, where a lot of people live and has a lot of influence around the world, says it is now illegal to interact with certain Russians in pretty much every way
          > "wHyY WoNt tHeSe oPeN sOuRcE mAiNtAiNeRs gO tO jAiL foR mYYYYYYYY fEaTuRe rEqUeStS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

          You can complain about sanctions against certain people but it's outrageous to complain about maintainers who want to avoid the rather ruthless US govt from coming after them and putting them in some of the most dangerous prisons in our hemisphere.

          Also interesting that the very same trolls that endlessly post drivel over the course of years are the same ones that are clearly Russian trolls being quite racist about groups of people that are not involved with this conflict and straw-manning it into oblivion. I wonder if it's what the troll farms do on their downtime, and to practice English?


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            By this bizarre logic, it is supposedly not worth accepting patches from American developers into the Linux kernel because their government has started an imperialist war in Iraq and many other countries. A programmer who merely writes patches for the Linux kernel has no ability to control the government in his country or their army, so there is no reason to punish the programmer for the actions of his government, which he has absolutely no ability to influence in any way. This is all the more so since, under today's new Russian laws, people receive actual criminal sentences from 8 years in prison for public anti-war statements. An anti-war rally may also end up in criminal penalties for the participants. There is no realistic possibility of electing any other government in Russia because all elections are always rigged and the vast majority of Russians always understand in advance that under any circumstances, only Putin's government will win any election, regardless of the fact that few actually support him in Russia. Under such circumstances there is no reason to punish the ordinary working people living in Russia who for the most part do not agree with Putin's government policies, do not agree with Putin's wars, but have no real ability to influence that government's policies or change it for any other government.


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              I'm totally against Russia's actions in Ukraine, but it's just sad that some geniuses think regular citizens should be punished because they were born in the wrong place. I don't live anywhere near Russia or Ukraine, but let's imagine my country starts doing atrocities, why should I be punished? I don't support my government nor am I even politically active. I just want to live my personal live.
              This is why in my imaginary utopic worldview, I want to cancel all the countries.
              Countries are useless. They only create conflicts and divide humanity.


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                OMG, why we just can't do things and enjoy tech? No talk about politics, this pisses me off a lot.


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                  Originally posted by post-factum View Post

                  You don't take a hot dog from an individual who raped your mother in front of you, do you?
                  No. But I would still take his kidney if I needed it (I would even consider taking two in this specific case).

                  Do you really think those Russians contributing to open-source software are out there on the front lines killing people? Laptop in one hand, gun in the other like a weird nerdy Rambo?

                  Obviously the propaganda machine is a little stronger in your country.
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                    Originally posted by Volta View Post

                    Really? The biggest murderers in the world: USA and israel should be banned then.

                    That statements hides the deeply important issues:
                    1. selection of targets to be killed (enemy soldiers vs civilians),
                    2. ratio of "collateral" damage (in case of Russia they do target civilians on purpose, so it's not collateral),
                    3. the reasoning of the war itself (defense, protecting somebody else, principles vs purely materialistic territorial acquisition),
                    4. responsibility for taken actions (and responses to organizations like UN),

                    But the main issue is always: we vs them. If you support ruSSkie, feel free to ban every western company.


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                      Originally posted by post-factum View Post
                      Politics — maybe. War crimes — definitely not.
                      No, also war crimes shouldn't play a role either, because as I mentioned earlier, their wouldn't be many devs left to contribute if you apply this to all countrys not only russia. Remeber the war crimes in Iraq, the invasion started because america lied about weapons of mass destruction. And that wasn't the only time (killing innocent people around the world with drohnes, torture prisons, shooting journalists and children while laughing about it, endless list ongoing ...). I don't remeber any sanctions aginst USA and definitly no free software dev that was banned.

                      So what is the reason to do it now and only against russians?