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Linux Kernel Networking Driver Development Impacted By Russian Sanctions

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  • Originally posted by tuxd3v
    The last time that Russia disregarded their Security, they lost 27 million people by the nazi Germany..
    Russia will never ever fight a war in its territory.
    Russia will do everything to prevent a war, but in case of not being successful, Russia will put its security first, and fight that war outside borders.
    starting a war to prevent a war? Russia's security is in Russia, not Ukraine. Ukraine didn't invade Russia. If Russia wants to prevent a war, they should start by not starting one. Russia is killing both Russians and Ukrainians, and for what? Paranoid delusions about NATO? Nostalgia for the pre-USSR Russian Empire? Putin's fragile feelings aren't worth ending so many lives.

    Originally posted by tuxd3v
    But even in this scenario, Russia can in fact have to fight a war inside borders, if invaded, but it will be a mix between some space in its borders, and some space outside borders...and in case of an attack on Russian territory, Russian President is then allowed by law to authorize a nuclear attack against the invader..
    Russian law only applies in Russia. Russia's invasion of Ukraine might be legal in Russia, but it didn't happen in Russia. It happened in Ukraine, where it's definitely illegal.


    • Originally posted by tuxd3v View Post
      Baikal Electronics has chips for consumer markets.
      There are companies producing printers,thin clients, switch's, routers,etc with Baikal Electronics chips.
      I read recently that some Russian company was building routers with chips from them..
      Now Baikal Electronics, doesn't have the expertise to build military chips..
      Military chips, are very hard to produce, and require high temperatures working, and be resistant to radiation..its another ballpark game..
      Russia has a closed cycle of development for military chips, that can withstand temperatures in the range of -55-155C degrees at least, and those chips need to be rad resistant.
      The military type of chips, cannot be built in lower fab nodes, they need to be robust, in every sense of the word!
      So even any stupid person understand that Baikal Electronics cannot provide chips to the Russian military..because the Russian military simply don't accept them!
      They don't have the necessary requirements to work on military situations..
      If you try to sell a comercial AMD chip, to the American military, they simply don't accept it!!
      In the case of AMD, I don't think they have chips to work with big temperature range conditions, or any rad resistant chips.
      There are only a handful of companies in the world that can produce military grade chips.
      The US as them, Russia has them, China has them, EU I believe also has them, but that's it!
      You guys need to remember that this chips also go in missiles, military air plains,nuclear submarines,Nuclear missiles, and the list goes on..
      Its not a game... it needs to be something very very serious.
      Just imagine a commercial Baikal processor starting to flip bits, because of thermal electrons generation, or because of radiation...its impractical!!
      Who is the Idiot that thinks that commercial chips can go on military stuff??
      you are right but it is also a fact that non-military stuff is used in a war.

      they use cheap drones and so one and so one... very cheap drones without any military chip inside.
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      • Originally posted by qarium View Post

        what do you mean by doing pretty well ? if you search the mathematics and reading and science skills of the OECD means the PISA score then germany is on place 40 and china is on place 1 .

        source of this claim:

        in 1914 germany was on place 1 at this.
        1st place China is very sus because you have many other asian countries with extremly high standards of education, until recently Hong Kong, but also Japan, South Korea, Singapoure etc... Idea that average china has such high standard of education especially if you consider rular areas, poor areas, Tibet etc... is extremly wishful.


        • Originally posted by SvenK View Post

          I'm not pro russian, in my family there is the saying "Don't eat so fast, the Russians aren't coming", the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact would not have been possible if these two governments werent so close in their goals. They decided to split eastern europe, including finland, to a german and a russian sphere.

          But in this special case, it would be great if the maintainer would live in Switzerland as contributing to an open source project is nothing that benefits one of the war parties. Especially not something for a broader base than a product from them.
          This is way more complicated historically aspect, because Hitler initially wanted ot ally with Poland to attack Soviets. We denied and he allied with Soviets against us...


          • Originally posted by gotar View Post
            Sure, in 2024 the next election of the Putin is planned. Russian democracy died in 1999 bombings.
            When votes can be legally brought (with vodka and sausage), that's not the democracy.
            Apparently enough, if they usually do not achieve 50% quorum.
            The democracy is not about positions, but about authority.
            As EU "president" has no authority (it's only a representative function), it's pointless to vote for a position.
            But we do vote for EU parliament and EU commission (by electing domestic govermnents).
            e rules apply to russian referendas - they cannot change authority, therefore are irrelevant and don't create democracy.
            the EU parliament has no power and authority at all because the United States of Europe​ is not established as a state yet.
            the EU commission is not elected by the people. also all the judges are also not elected
            and also all the head of the police is also not elected
            in a true democratic system the judges are democratically elected and also the command of the police force is also democratically elected.

            also in german parlament there is zero parlamtarians who did get wellfare before this position but we have 4 million wellfare people means they have zero representation
            but there are 94 people who studied law in the university systems means lawyers or judges and so one this means the representation of law people is much much bigger than their market share in the population. this means the german fake democracy is a Lawyers authoritarian state​

            a state the little people on wellfare have zero power and Authortarian-Lawayers have all the power.

            This violates the separation of powers​ because people who study law should only be allowed in the judiciary​

            this means all of these 94 parlamentarians who did study law are in the parlament agaist logic ans reason because the separation of powers by logic dictate that these people are only allowed in the judiciary.

            people who think they can elect a lawyer to the parlament plain ans simple have no clue about Philosophy and the Theory of the State and the need for separation of power.
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            • Originally posted by skeevy420 View Post

              That makes as much sense as banning Intel and AMD since America mandates that the US Military use American or Allied companies for their equipment.
              Absolutly not, as Intel/AMD are having 99% of global use by normal customers not military. Most of russian made chips are chips made exclusivly for state use/military. There is no public "free" benefit for others to have it merged, unless you are some wierd hardware collector and want to just have it but that is not enough to warrant all the work done around it.

              I always look at such situation why Linus wants GPLv2. Linus wants GPL because hey we made some code you use it, you added some upgrades/new stuff and now we want it as well to warrant public improvement of software. Like most of us will hate USA military , but if USA in big case will use exactly same hardware as us. If they make commit to improve security or performance or something - that is quite likely to benefit me a normal user as well. A lot of server x86_64 improvements in performance or security affect me using not a server CPU but CPU nothenless using same architecture. Most of what happens in Linux kernel there is some 3rd party with strong legitimate use. And i am thinking what is legitimate use here...
              Last edited by piotrj3; 16 March 2023, 09:46 PM.


              • Originally posted by Weasel View Post
                <snip>What fucking territories did the US annex or colonize? <snip>
                How about the entire continent? Spain, France, England, and even Holland made war on Turtle Island's people for land, resources, and slaves going all the way back to that rapist, slave trader, and murderer Christopher Columbus. To those of us of Indigenous/Native American/First Nations descent here, Columbus is one of the most reviled names in all history, along with Andrew Jackson (author of the Indian Removal Act and resulting Trail of Tears) and similar war criminals of that era. ALL of the land here was colonized except a few spots that were either two difficult to live in ( e.g a spot on Greenland's West Coast that defeated two Inupiat bands and a group of Vikings) or too well defended.


                • A security issue could exist with Russian origin commits right now, that is the potential for someone acting on behalf of Putin ( even involuntarily e.g "commit this code to Linux or we'll draft your younger brother") to submit subtly malicious code. This in itself does not require a ban, but it does require looking over the code with a fine-toothed comb, and the skill to spot obfuscated malicious code. If the people power to screen the commits does not exist, advise all Russian contributors to hold them until the end of the war and maintain them in their local forks.

                  It may be difficult in a large project like the Linux kernel to distinguish Russians with ties to the government from (well-hidden) Russian antiwar activists and Russian anarchists. Note that Russian and Ukrainian anarchists often consider oneanother allies and many fight the same enemy (Putin) on both sides of the border. Derailing arms trains and burning down conscription centers are common tactics in Russia. They work and are no more dangerous than a candlelight vigil against the war given Putin's thuggery. In fact, rail sabotage was decisive in defeating the initial attack on Kyev.


                  • Originally posted by piotrj3 View Post
                    1st place China is very sus because you have many other asian countries with extremly high standards of education, until recently Hong Kong, but also Japan, South Korea, Singapoure etc... Idea that average china has such high standard of education especially if you consider rular areas, poor areas, Tibet etc... is extremly wishful.
                    in my point of view Taiwan is China and also Hong Kong is China to...

                    or do you speak not about chinese people and you maybe speak about political systems ?

                    i do not speak about communism or democracy i speak about chinese people as a race.

                    and the chinese people are the NR1 in IQ and intelligence.
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                    • Is this open source that belongs to the world or just to the United States?

                      According to the same logic, why has the United States, which has invaded the most countries and killed the most civilians since World War II, not been prohibited from contributing?

                      Originally posted by Weasel View Post
                      What fucking territories did the US annex or colonize?
                      Brother, go and see how many "overseas bases" there are in the United States. A plot of land has been set aside in other countries and is under the management of the United States, with American troops stationed.

                      I don't know how a colony is defined in the United States, but in my country," "overseas base" "is just a colony with a different name.