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For this Thanksgiving season, Discuess E-waste

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  • For this Thanksgiving season, Discuess E-waste

    So how bad is e-waste? Surely the government would step in if it's out of hand. But it's US causing the problem. There is NOTHING stopping us from throwing away computers. except our own minds.

    so here's how bad it is

    So let's all put a limit on how often we upgrade our "old" technology and be very thankful for what we already have.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

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    That link doesn't have video. So here's another link:
    This is from "unreported world"


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      I'm just wondering, the Linux kernel phasing out hardware updates, gets 9,464 views with over 130 replies. The inventor / developer of Pulse Audio moving to Microsoft gets 10,745 views.

      But yet, when I bring up WORLD-WIDE issues, like e-waste, I only get 49 views, probably ten or so are mine, so it's like 40. Just shows how little we all care about e-waste.

      And I don't want to hear "oh there's nothing I can do" because yes there is! Stop buying new hardware. Linux runs excellently on hard disks, vs ssd, which cannot at all be said for Windows 10, probably not even Windows 8 either. Terribly slow, and the devs aren't being paid or asked to make it performant. They are not allowed to do so, and if they were to spend time on that instead of working on what they were asked, they'd probably be fired for it.

      I feel the same way about Apple hardware too, every so often, they just stop getting support, talk about e-waste!

      I want to discuss internet standards too. Why are webpages getting more memory hungry by the month? And why, if we don't have at least two gigabytes of ram or so, can we not have a fast, resource efficient online experience to learn new things. The internet and it's standards have gotten just terrible. I've read on this phoronix forum that the W3C standard for the web of today is the size of the total documentation of at least FIVE different programming languages, and it's STILL larger than that. I bet Google has something to do with it too. Look at their Nexus, and Pixel lineup, chromebooks, and the development of the Google Chrome browser, with 66% market share. They release a slightly altered model with supposed "security" chips in them, every single year? Was the generation 1 nexus, or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 not good enough for web browsing, that they needed a faster device?

      Is Google or Microsoft co-opting these web standard organizations, "donating" to them, manipulating the web so that it's so heavy and slow that we "need" faster devices with more RAM, what the hell is going on?

      I would love to be in a position to direct web standards, everything would be mandatory to be viewable in command-line based browsers. But then that's stepping on the toes of web-app developers. Nobody should have the right to tell someone else how to code their program or website, but I'd sure like to offer some suggestions!
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