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Increased Use Of Windows BitLocker Is Causing Headaches For Linux Dual Booting

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    Originally posted by DJViking View Post
    You make it sounds so easy. How to setup during Linux installation to use the UEFI boot menu, and not Grub?
    Is this the use of what others suggest, systemd-boot instead of Grub?
    I have installed Linux many times using Grub, but I have never set up dual boot with Windows before.
    They're not the same thing, but they are related. systemd-boot makes use of some of the things UEFI provides, but UEFI by itself has a boot menu that doesn't depend in any extra bootloaders. You can load your kernel directly from the EFI partition and also have a different entry that loads Windows directly. GRUB shouldn't be used with UEFI unless you have very special needs IMO, just distros do so to keep the test matrix smaller while supporting BIOS boot.