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Oracle buys sun

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  • Oracle buys sun

    If anyone else has posted this my apologies, but I think it's an interesting development in the software/hardware world. Since MySQL is open source I'm not sure why this necessarily means the end of it, but I expect all the Sun devs working on it will soon be changing jobs at Sun/Oracle or looking elsewhere for new ones:

    Source: Oracle buys Sun; Now owns Java; Becomes a hardware player | Between the Lines |
    Address : <>

    # Oracle gets to annoy IBM?and own Java?over a few pennies a share more than Big Blue was willing to pay.

    # Oracle gets to kill MySQL. There?s no way Ellison will let that open source database mess with the margins of his database. MySQL at best will wither from neglect. In any case, MySQL is MyToast.

    # Sun has a big installed base. All the better to upsell applications into.

    # Oracle?s database runs on Solaris systems. Oracle fine tunes the systems, charges a premium and ditches the low-margin hardware.

    # And speaking of hardware. Sun?s manufacturing is outsourced so there isn?t a lot of baggage?real estate, equipment and labor?to worry about. If Oracle decides to milk then wind down the hardware business it?s relatively easy.

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    IBM gets to continue doing questionable ethical things without the media attention and governmental snooping that goes along with a merger of this size.

    Oracle doesn't care about those kind of things.


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      MySQL has already been forked and MySQL devs are fleeing from Oracle.