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FSF Adopts A Board Member Agreement, Code of Ethics For Board Members

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    Originally posted by stevecrox View Post
    Lastly the whole point of the Free Software Foundation is to promote free software. That means being able to effectively communicate with software engineers and non software engineers. You wouldn't ask someone who could swim to be a lifeguard, why ask someone who is socially awkward to take on a role which requires highly excellent social skills?
    I get what you mean, but I'm afraid I'm only able to answer you (hopefully you weren't rhetorical) by repeating myself. In any case, stay assured I am grateful for this conversation, and I hope I don't come off as obtuse.
    Firstly, I just proved to you how Stallman has been instrumental in one of the biggest, politically relevant free software initiatives in one of the founding members of the European Union before free software as a credible digitalization solution became effectively law. His contribution must have accounted for something. So this is already addressed on an individual level to attenuate his character assassination.

    Secondly, on a board level, again, the already mentioned point 11 states that the board will only speak as a whole going forward.
    And as a donor to the FSF, I wouldn't have it any other way!
    Shooing people away because an illiterate internet mob says so would be antithetical to the FSF (this, in short, is my whole view on this).
    Sure, I'm grateful to the person, but it's not even about Stallman anymore; at this point, it's become a matter of principle. People that are truly passionate about software freedom as originally defined in and for GNU are already rare as it is. I don't want to further filter that group just for having a "perfect" board made of impossibly perfect people, potentially to the detriment of the quality of the board's output. I want people with incorruptible minds and strong opinions. And I want them regardless of their forgivable imperfections. I hope you understand my position as well!


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      Originally posted by alcalde View Post

      It's politics not to sexually harass people or embarrass the open source community?
      Of course not, but that's not all it's about, is it?