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Sony Has Begun Accelerating Their Contributions To Open-Source / Linux

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    I switched to Linux when there were virtually no games playable on it. Personal freedom and independence from biggest corporations were more important to me than all the games in the world. And now in 2021 thanks to the amazing FOSS community and help from Valve I can play 30+ thousand games available on Steam on my Linux machine. There are 200+ games in my Steam Library and 500+ games on wishlist. This is enough for more than two decades. I've never been more happy than now.


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      Originally posted by timofonic View Post

      I think most games in the near future will require certain good SSDs as minimum requirement.

      Except Switch with mobile-like hardware, Xbox and Playstation use custom PC hardware. Newer generations will be faster than them in all ways, DirectX12 and Vulkan provide more low level hardware access too.

      Hardware is getting standardized just because economy of scale, that's good for users.

      And exclusive games are slowly fading too, except on Nintendo games.

      And we have Wine/Proton!
      This is not going to ultimately change anything, SSD's was just one specific example. You also have the problem with graphics cards, i.e. people have wildly varying graphics cards (and if you look at the Steam survey this is evident).


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        Idea for ramping up credibility considerably: Stop making presentations in PowerPoint.


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          Originally posted by MadeUpName View Post
          I was surprised to see that they use Linux in their cameras. Any contributions to getting color management working better in Linux would be much appreciated.
          No surprise there. Sony has long used embedded Linux in their consumer and professional electronics, along with most other players in the industry, and many use Linux or some derivative of Unix in their latest cameras. Unfortunately, they are focused on Enterprise/commercial stuff and I can't see them doing any contributions to things that would benefit most Linux users, particularly on the digital imaging side of things, where RAW decoding and such is sorely needed for Sony cameras.


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            It would be great if Sony went with Linux, I'm looking forward to it coming to PS6.