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pts not connecting to the internet when running in TAILS

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  • pts not connecting to the internet when running in TAILS


    i am running TAILS 4.21 and when I run the phoronix-test-suite it cannot connect to the internet to download any dependencies or tests.

    has anyone been able to get round this problem, besides downloading the tests and then installing them manually?

    can anyone recommend a distro that I can run with pts?

    i tried the PTS Live distro, but cant seem to understand how to connect it to the internet.


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    Presumably Tails has some odd php.ini configuration. Check its php.ini configuration around fopen and such, not sure offhand, or try removing its php.ini so it sticks to default.
    Michael Larabel


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      I used tail a long time ago for a short period. Might be by using terminal you can install.


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        Tails route everything through Tor. Maybe that is causing issues with pts. I have never used pts directly, but does PTS support proxy settings? I don't belive Tor functions as a vpn using a tun or tap interface. Rather it works as a SOCKS proxy.

        As I remember it, Tails uses firewall rules to block everything outgoing apart from the Tor traffic, so if pts doesn't SUPPORT SOCKS, it would likely cause issues.