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Windows 11, a Linux distro?

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  • Windows 11, a Linux distro?

    I know - the idea isn't new, and I know that it'll be a cold day in hell before that happens... yet...

    So I was in the middle of trying to keep up with the garden, obviously thinking about Linux, as one does when gardening, when a pattern struck me... Well... Maybe 3 coincidences.

    Enough teasing! (I do not know enough about any of this to actually know what's possible here, and what's not - so if nothing else, read on to potentially have a laughat my ignorance 😁)

    Windows switching to use the Linux kernel, makes sense for millions of reasons, that I'm sure I don't need to mention here.
    Coincidence 1: WSL2 recently gained the ability to show GUI
    Coincidence 2: The latest progress that nVidia has made towards being comparable with Wayland, only exists for the WSL2 driver, which was something that really bothered me, because why on earth would that even be more important on WSL2, than on actual Linux?! Linux was here first, not that Frankenstein's monster! And it was this, and realising how close this actually happened to MS announcing that they would introduce a new Windows (Coincidence 3), that made me realise how unbelievable the timing of these 3 things are. I suppose that the timing could be seen as as a 4th coincidence.

    All of that, coupled with it always looking like nVidia are dragging their feet until MS asks them to do stuff, and suddenly it gets done.

    I'm sure that I'm overthinking things, and they are all probably just coincidences, or maybe they're just getting everything ready to show the world that Windows 11 will be able to run everything, and even be able to run Wayland on nVidia cards, giving MS an advantage over Linux (which would kind of prove MS and nVidia doing shady deals, and even if this is just temporary, it'd still be enough to semi-force users of nVidia hardware to use Windows, should they want to give Wayland a spin, so people gets more of a taste of WSL2), because I doubt that the Linux kernel could run a Windows system out of WSL2.

    I'm realising that if the above says anything, it is just that they want to be able to show off WSL2 being able to run Linux apps, and that they'll be able to do this without hardware restrictions, thanks to nVidias WSL driver (nVidia; f**k you! - oh - and I'm sure that this is a deliberate tactic from MS, in collaboration with nVidia, so MS; f**k you too. You don't love Linux, you just want to devour it). It has nothing to do with Windows as a Linux distro, but I'll leave the post as is, for maybe a laugh 😊
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