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Linus Torvalds Encourages Kernel Developers & Everyone To Get Vaccinated

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    Originally posted by Volta

    Could you just erase your useless existence?
    Can you think of a better insult? This one is so cringe, that I'm actually insulted by the stupidity of it LOL


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      Well, I'm usually anti big pharma and sceptical of any new drug. Yet the COVID-19 threat is too great not to take some risks. I might delay taking it (if I lived in New Zealand). I'd say not yet if it wasn't because both society and governments around me are taking vaccination as an excuse to reopen everything and have the virus spread and mutate because people most at risk are relatively protected (for how long?) against death or hospital and they want to keep making the rich richer (tourism, night life, consumerism centres, useless office work that could be remote, etc.). So with the vaccination the number of asymptomatic spreaders is going to get even higher and people will bomb me with all sorts of SARS-CoV-2 strains no matter how careful I try to be with prevention. And side effects may never be better known anyway (there are lots of vaccinations already, with too short time observed and there's going to be too little unvaccinated control group to compare them to, so even if there were long term side effects, they're going to be hard to prove). And I'm no doctor so I don't know what to tell anyone else about what to do healthwise.

      So when my age group got open for vaccination I finally said: ok, I'll apply for a COVID-19 vaccine. And then I was presented with a web form asking too much personal data without even a note or link to any privacy policy, and having fields as compulsory that didn't apply to me. I asked a nurse and she didn't know. "Yes, the requested data doesn't apply to you, but you're in the target group, maybe they call you later or maybe try to ask somewhere". And that was it. I'm off. If one day I can walk into somewhere and be vaccinated without my data being abused, then I'll try.

      And that's finally the link between vaccine talk and computer mailing lists/forums. Let's not force anyone to be vaccinated, but let everyone who wants to get a vaccine get it, and please build proper information systems, informative, minimally privacy invasive and well thought out enough. Don't copy Facebook or Google, think it through !


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        I am on my second dosage. Each of them however kicked like a mule and I was out of energy for a couple of days afterwards. I suppose it is due to my immune system starting a "counter attack" and building up an immune response of epic proportions. Still, I will do a third dosage when the time comes. I was not even afraid of the risks after I got the first dosage, knowing that 127,000 people in my country are all dead now, and many who survived have organ damage, require medical assistance for years to come and are now basically scared for life and have a lower life expectancy. One could almost say that the dead have the worst behind them. But what I will not do is argue about the need or the risk of vaccination just because I feel I have to save my own skin. I do not just love myself, but I love others, too, and would give my life if it makes a difference.


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          Originally posted by TemplarGR View Post

          World renowened virologist Luc Montagnier, NOBEL prize winner, said that they don't have to live much and we need to start thinking about cremating the bodies. But apparently Michael knows better than him, and we can always trust big pharma and their shills to ignore profit making and give us valid info. So Michael removes any post that doesn't contain big pharma propaganda, for no reason. I suppose world renowned virologists and nobel prize winners saying that these injections could be dangerous is something that needs no consideration whatsoever, we just need to believe to St Fauci's cult and big pharma who have already been PROVEN to lie again and again. How many times have big pharma gone to court for selling dangerous drugs and scaming people? These people are not saints, and they are not the end-all to medicine authority, like they pretend to be.
          In the past a small group of experts said: Smoking is healthy and Global warming is not human-induced. Now you are using a single person for your selection bias... Nice

          A relatively small group of people (not experts afaik) said that the earth is flat and vaccination (prior to covid19) causes autism.

          There's a lot that we (including the experts) don't know. What we do know is that getting vaccinated is the best choice based on the scientific data that we have. In most countries you still have a free will about it. Do what you want but don't spread FUD. There is no evidence about your claims.


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            "Linus Torvalds is known primarily in the past for his colorful scripture..."
            I'm not sure if that's entirely correct.

            I still think he's primarily known for his open-source software projects and especially that thing called Linux...

            PS. The lunatic conspiracy theorists and other misanthropists represent really a small but quite ferocious minority, being that they believe that they are the only ones living in reality and us "masses" are merely blind and in need of their enlightenment.

            For the first time I feel like needing a tagging system akin to slashdot's friend/foe method to help me pay attention to these characters' background in the future.


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              Lots of people caught covid-19 and died, loads of people!
              Lets weigh that against all the bodies the vaccine has caused...... Unfortunately people prefer to believe nonsense rather then real-life hard cold factual data on these sorts of things.
              It seems putting up with being tired for a few days is far worse then catching covid for a bunch of people. sad.
              PS. You can catch c-19 over and over btw, getting over it does not make you immune!
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                Linus should stick to kernel development:


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                  Originally posted by WalterCool View Post
                  Just a question, are Linux mailing lists still related to Linux kernel?

                  Please keep politics and other topics away from technical mailing lists. It's unprofessional. I don't care if you are pro or anti vaccination.
                  I agree with you regarding politics in general, but IMO I would make an exception for global pandemics or genocide.


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                    Originally posted by Brane215 View Post
                    Linus should stick to kernel development:

                    The video is called "How to save the world, in three easy steps". They really should have called it "How to save the world, a three hour video pod cast."


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                      He's out of his mind.