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Linus Torvalds Encourages Kernel Developers & Everyone To Get Vaccinated

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  • Originally posted by coder View Post
    There are a couple problems with this logic.
    1. it presumes everyone mis-applies the PCR test in the same way, which is extremely unlikely.
    2. it presumes nobody would notice the PCR tests don't correlate with other tests, which is also extremely unlikely.
    3. it ignores other data, such as symptoms like loss of taste/smell.
    4. it ignores hospital occupancy and deaths.

    I think I already asked and apologize if I missed your response, but exactly what do you mean by that?

    If we turn the tables, I wonder why you choose to believe stories like these, when just about everyone else is singing from the same hymn sheet? Is it so hard to believe the virus is real, and as dangerous as they say?
    I do believe there is a corona virus.

    I do not believe there is a real pandemic.

    Have you read my link about the review on the Gorman Drosten papers?
    Those papers are used as a base for of all measurements, in most or all countries.

    The WHO changed the definition of what they call a pandemic.


    WHO’s original definition of a pandemic from May 1, 2009, specified simultaneous epidemics worldwide “with enormous numbers of deaths and illnesses”; this definition was changed in the month leading up to the 2009 swine flu pandemic, removing the severity and high mortality criteria
    By the old definition, this would not be a pandemic.
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    • Originally posted by Gps4life View Post
      By the old definition, this would not be a pandemic.
      Maybe at the beginning, but now that we have between 4 millions (official number) and 7 millions (estimation of over-mortality) deaths, it is pretty safe to call it a pandemic.


      • Those mortality numbers must have gone up a lot then since the start of this year.
        Because at the start of this year, I compared the number of average death toll to corona numbers.
        This proofed to me there was no pandemic.

        Even though corona was already placed on the A list.


        • Originally posted by Gps4life View Post
          Those mortality numbers must have gone up a lot then since the start of this year.
          Because at the start of this year, I compared the number of average death toll to corona numbers.
          This proofed to me there was no pandemic.
          Even though corona was already placed on the A list.
          Are you sure about that?
          I followed the numbers since mid-2020 and it was already quite bad.
          You can find the reported numbers of death by countries on the WHO website, they have a dedicated dashboard.

          The numbers for over mortality are a little harder to find, but :
          -for Europa you can find the numbers on the site of the European mortality monitoring ( , weird name if you ask me),
          -for others countries well it depends, these numbers can be a little challenging to find.

          If you just want a quick overview without checking all the numbers, the IHME has done a analyse of over mortality vs reported numbers (be careful with the numbers though, it is only until May 2021, and for some countries the data are not very reliable, but it give a good general idea imo)

          I remember a great infographic done by the financial times, but I think you don't like this media? I can give you the link if you want, it was great to understand on which continents the virus was the more active.

          I am curious though, what is your threshold for a pandemic (in deaths per year? %over-mortality per year?)? Because for now with the latest numbers we are between 8 and 15% more mortality compared to a "normal" year.


          • Originally posted by WeAreDoomed View Post
            Maybe at the beginning, but now that we have between 4 millions (official number) and 7 millions (estimation of over-mortality) deaths, it is pretty safe to call it a pandemic.
            Allow me to nitpick a bit but the estimations of the IHME are 8.3 millions now.

            The numbers:

            The methodology:


            • Originally posted by blackiwid View Post
              You (or the person you defend) made the claim that vaccine slow down or stop mutations, then you can't put the burden on proof on me, because many points in this pandemic are not proofen one side or the other, who ever got put the burden of proof on their side has lost the debate.
              Well, without the data and maths, it's hard to know if partially-vaccinated do pose a risk for the formation of new strains.

              I think the notion that vaccines stop mutations comes from two places. First, it seems to be people with weakened immune systems who harbor the virus for longest that are responsible for most of the mutations. So, the less chance those people have to get the virus and the less duration the virus spends in the bodies of the vaccinated (because their immune system is ready for it) should help lower the mutation rate. Also, as vaccines lower the rate of infection below the critical threshold, the infection rate trends towards zero which naturally means they won't be producing any mutant strains.

              Working against that idea is that partially-vaccinated people would be mingling with lots of unvaccinated spreaders. It seems to me that could create lots of exposures, where a mutant that's slightly more resistant to the vaccine can take hold. However, it involves complicated questions about what actually happens to the immune system of someone with a single dose (i.e. does the exposure work kind of like a second dose, in terms of helping to fend off further infections?). Also, it presumes that half-vaxed people are mixing with unvaxed, which obviously happens but it's unclear to what degree.

              So, I think that to say one way or another, we need some good data. I'll reply back, if I run across anything relevant. As far as I know, the best way to prevent mutants is if we can squash the pandemic by getting enough people vaccinated that it dies out.


              • Originally posted by Qaridarium
                no you are wrong they are NOT regulated you can buy Tonic water at any food store.
                it contains Quinine used with zink and vitamin D3 it is a save cure against corona virus.
                Leaving aside the question of whether it's a cure (which I haven't seen good evidence to support), your own link shows it has numerous nasty side-effects. That's one of the reasons it's no longer recommended as a treatment for malaria. One reason I avoid tonic water containing it is that I've read it has the potential to damage your hearing!

                As for obtaining it through tonic water, if you're not consuming enough to potentially experience the negative side-effects, then I doubt you're getting a medically significant dose. And if one could experience side-effects by drinking tonic water with it, then it'd be banned as an unsafe food additive.


                • Originally posted by Qaridarium
                  if you search it there are papers from french military intelligence reported by bejamin fulford who did make clear it was microwave attack by hacked/abused 5G mobile network. if you are interested i can search a link to this report if you want.
                  One of the fatal flaws with the 5G theory is that the pandemic hit in places with no 5G infrastructure.

                  I know you're suspicious of government and medical authorities, but I think you should be at least as suspicious of conspiracy theorists seeking to exploit the pandemic to further their own agenda.

                  Originally posted by Qaridarium
                  right... 800 years ago in the time of black plague it was a pandemic of 60-70% of all people die... (and the rest is suffering)
                  they changed the definition from this "70% die" into this: many cases(detected by false positive PCR tests) with realtive low death numbers.
                  by traditional definition of pademic this is not a pandemic but a science fraud / science hoax and money fraud (big pharma making money)
                  Nowhere in science do we adhere to 800-year-old standards or definitions. In modern epidemiology, the term "pandemic" simply refers to an epidemic occurring on a scale that crosses international boundaries, usually affecting people on a worldwide scale.[13] The previous WHO-declared global pandemic was the the 2009 swine flu, and that killed far fewer people.

                  Originally posted by Qaridarium
                  and the vaccine is to kill and sterilise people and make them magnetic to make sure next microwave attack has bigger impact than the first one.
                  if people become magnetic by magnetic nano particles in the vaccine a microwave weapon can perform great harm to the body.
                  That would be hilarious, if you didn't actually believe it.

                  If society were so broken that such a conspiracy could really be perpetrated, how does it still work work as well as it does? There's a reason most people don't believe this crap, and that's because we have enough experience of the world that we can smell when something is so badly aligned with reality that it can't be true.

                  The truth is that vaccines save lives. They're not 100% safe, but still thousands of times safer than the virus. Spreading doubt about the vaccines is therefore hurting people. Please stop.

                  Originally posted by Qaridarium
                  all the single details can be read seperately everywhere but most people don't connect the dots to include it into a full spectrum dominance theory...

                  in fact the gloablistic/imperalistic corporatism/communism marxists use this to install their dictatorship new world order a one world government the communist style and a genocide to kill all useless eaters.-..
                  The world is far too chaotic for anything like that. The kinds of disputes that even allied countries have in bodies like the G7, G20, UN, and WTO should eliminate any notion that they could ever agree or cooperate enough to do that.

                  Probably the only real play for world domination I worry about is China. And I don't worry about them literally installing a dictatorship, but just sewing up supply chains and buying the support of many smaller nations, in deliberative bodies like the ones I mentioned above. All of this is just a distraction from what they're actually doing. I guess that's not interesting enough, so your guys have to invent something even more outlandish. Or, maybe they're just getting support from Russia or China to sew social unrest in Western democracies.

                  Whatever the case, I think it's sad that you waste your freedoms to spread these lies.


                  • Originally posted by Qaridarium
                    "Benjamin says on 2/16/20, the USA Corp went bankrupt – China was not willing to buy any more USA Corp debt certificates. In revenge there was an electromagnetic attack on China. 10,000 5G cell phone towers were activated along with GPS satellites in an EMP style attack. 21 million fewer phone subscribers = 21 million killed"

                    so it was not a hack it was the people of the mobile network who did in fact the attack ,,, and you see 21 million people dies in china in the end of 2019 because this 5G microwave attack
                    I can't even believe I have to point this out, but that would spark an actual shooting war between the US and China, which clearly didn't happen.

                    I feel like somebody is just having a laugh, trying to see what kind of outlandish things you guys will actually believe.

                    Try getting out of your basements and actually live in the world, for a change!


                    • Originally posted by lowflyer View Post
                      Med_ already debunked the conclusion that mRNA vaccines could therefore modify human genes in a previous post:

                      And, as I previously said about this, cellular biology is exquisitely complex. You can't just take a leap from saying "RNA can modify DNA" to "mRNA vaccines modify DNA". There are lots of distinctions that apply, and therefore work that would need to be done to show that it is also true in that case. So, your "just sayin..." really isn't saying what you think it does.